The Music Industry Is in a Stand Still – Old Bands Play New Shows – Who Will Be the Next Big Sound?

In an attempt to get the next new huge, world changing sound I thought I would start with Aggitated Pearl. Many people that are connected with all the audio industry now think it comes in a rack however and nothing fresh is coming forwards like the”Grunge days” from Nirvana into Candlebox. I talked to Jeffrey Michael III last week who’s the lead singer of Aggitated Pearl to see what his feelings were on Music now. The Band is out of Ft. Lauderdale Florida and are amongst the excellent bands that have made out of there over the ages. I Am Speaking about Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids to Nonpoint just to name two since you can find many South Florida Bands to create it at the National and International spotlight. Aggitated Pearl is fronted by Jeffrey Michael III and also Troy Dovey. You’ll find lots who think their sound helps make no sense. They’re a ring which you may certainly not put in almost any 1 category however their lyrics and sound seem to conduct profound with many youthful adolescents. I spoke to Jeffrey Michael III via phone last week to get the scoop on what’s happening with his group now naijavibe.

CC:”Hello Jeffrey, what is occurring?”

JM:”I had a evening so I am still up writing”

CC:”So tell me exactly what do you think Aggitated Pearl can do right now to aid the audio industry since you realize many believe it is at a rack ”

JM:”Troy and I regularly stay intouch and somehow the conversation came up since we’ve obtained all of the rights into our amazing music library out of the album label and I won’t say that, but we’d some critical differences on the best way to discharge our debut album or papers. Long story shortwe said screw it just will not perform (live shows) or interviews hence they let us proceed later many years of contending now we own our amazing audio library. Within our library there’s a whole lot of songs which people assume will change the audio Industry. I talked to Javier (A.K.A. Ley fifty four ) the second day our guitarist and he also said he wishes to experimentation with some new songs entailing guitar riffs who have not been done ahead and he would like to begin recording them very soon. Troy claimed,”There is absolutely a match to be performed with Aggitated Pearl for sure.” We consented upon bringing Javier into recording in the studio but in the mean time we’ll ship the music by means of the world wide web and I’ll do vocals right here (In Texas) and Javier is going to perform his fresh scrape (new thoughts ) guitar pieces in Puerto Rico and send the files to Troy from Ft. Lauderdale so we are taking advantage of today’s tech as soon as that has completed we are all get together at the studio and then pull all together. We now feel we’ve a exact different sound that crosses all genres for example at times some classical things and we intend to bring all to the forefront of our music.”

CC:”So exactly what exactly are your objectives?”

JM:” We shall do three new tunes and keep true now more than to your distinct sound.”

CC:”So what are the ideas on today’s music since most think it is in a rut or not new in any respect?”

JM:”The business is in a stand still for sure absolutely nothing is truly happening at okay today and it’s all exact uninteresting. When you own a guy from England about the”Good Morning America” show that’s no group in any respect supporting him and individuals are now sleeping through night to watch him in 9:00 a.m. it’s merely a mad thing to see because the new music travels absolutely nowhere. So this is only one reason we are moving back into the studio is really because there is nothing out there right now which is new and fresh. I can say the same thing regarding the film industry, everything artwork is at a stand ” We think that we have some

music to set out that will change music stage. I understand the label realized it when we’re together with us and we know it now, so we mean to put our footprint in-motion therefore to talk.

CC:”What would you guys have available for the not too distant future?”

JM:”Funny you inquire as we’re taking a look at that right now and it looks like this coming chilly at December or January of 2018 we will start doing a few concert events. We expect everyone across all of mediums likes the music we release.”

CC:”We will find if it’s possible to come up with some thing brand new and now I thank you very much for speaking for me now.”

JM:”No problem and invite you we hope every one takes a liking to the newest material and I look forward to speaking for you again.”

I am going to be imagining a few bands in search of the new audio we as listeners could tag and relish. Aggitated Pearl has to establish to the earth their audio really is the best choice for many people. Idon’t understand who is going to be the next”Nirvana” however I will keep looking.

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