Online Casinos have been my business

Online Casinos have been my business for more than 6 years. Although I am unable to speak for those companies that I did not work for, I have enough information about 99.9% of all online casinos (I guess it pays to have a lot of friends in the same field).

Online Casinos are capable of doing almost everything you can imagine. You don’t even know what it all means, from online slots that have a very low payout percentage to complex “intelligent risk altering”, this is all happening right under you nose. Most people are comfortable with the Casino and will blame the “bad streak” on themselves, or blame God Ezwin.

Low payout percentages are the most common type of scam. It can be found in almost all games/programs. It only alters the number of times the player gets paid. Every casino must comply with a minimum payout percentage for slots. However it’s almost impossible to prove that they are skimming. To prove that a slot casino isn’t paying the required percentage of payouts, you would need to record thousands of spins, all wins and losses, and meticulously track everything.

Apart from that, it would cost you tens or thousands of dollars to actually see the entire system. Because the percentage of accurate results you get depends on how many spins you have. To be precise, you’ll need at most 10,000 spins. Since you can’t do it in real-money mode, you will have to use play-money to get the best odds.

Even though you may have the system’s blueprint, it is virtually impossible to prove more complicated programs like “intelligent chances”. You wouldn’t be able to detect it or prove it. It’s creepy, ain’t it?

It functions in a smart-program similar to its name. It learns from you and studies. It gathers information about your betting habits, how much you bet and under what circumstances. It basically reads you. 90% of the times it will know your moves before you make them. This isn’t the worst thing. This is because it gathers data about you to figure out how and when you should make the most of your money. Example: I might lose $500 after I just won $400. But, after having lost the same $500 through a slower up-and–down game, you might be more open to playing again. It all depends on the person or should I say one personality. The program is learning everything about you, your personality and how you play, to see if it can help you get the most out of the sucker. “.

I could write an entire book on this subject. There is no way to imagine what Online Casinos could have come up with. This is the reality. The sooner you accept this, the better. You can’t find out which Online Casinos you like and which ones you don’t. The only thing that will help is to be there at the right moment.

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