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Hospital, watching from the other side of the hall is still out. Several girls looked Shang Hao Kenjiro yet personable a church, some bright red face.

“Unexpectedly, gentle, your brother such a young age in a tree, looks also a talented. has had an enormously wealthy man, sister sub so good to speak. later marry who come ah, is certainly a very blessed.” as feather quips.

“yes ah, yes ah lucky” Yiyi Interface said, ah flops put this very, very long.

everyone rushes to put a jade show right flushed. Yutong read, know not what they do. The age difference between the two too big. Nothing good mind, and her family, but also afraid not find this. Cheerfully on one side followed by booing. But because things did not settle down,Cheap michael kors, so did not name names.

still went to church school, met with two seniors, yet the Church are embarrassed. But the girls have their sister in it

“Princess said, so you must not leak mouth, said just accidentally saw a man outside. Otherwise, we thought that there was no government rules. several times to let your wife play with her on the pathetic.” gentle pitifully on the side.

“Oh, is that we see him, but not he see us what relationship the way, if he did not look you choose, how to do,” said the smiling Yiyi.

gentle smiled and shook his head, meaning that if he saw, he will be able to fancy. He still believes his own vision. Several people are smiling, the words are really natural. These surfaces a few, which is not a sharp one child, no matter who is with the Church is still more than enough.

and other night asked the meaning of Shang Tang, Tang said he is still seeing things, who are good, all the shots by the sister. Hear the gentle laugh endless eating, feeling her brother’s marriage had her sister call the shots. When it was his own sister, his mother a relatively too.

Madame started on this matter on the heart, but also the meaning very hot. After hearing Madame Tong still in the tree, there is this idea. 15-year-old in a lift, knowledge is good. Also have to inquire, and looks a talented, good temperament. So far there is no room maid through what, gentle piece of pipe was also very strict. Even this year,michael kors, the department is not in, so after three years and then, there are so many of your relatives, after the future is good. How to look, how is a good pro. Just had gentle words have been heard, will try to wait until after the talk. She also prepared a few months to talk about these things, is good.

which will hear the gentle messenger out, very happy that you can take two people to fit under birthdates, if Italy put forward to settle the match. Though gentle fancy, but it did not agree. Because she has released before the wind, and said they wanted to talk about marriage and so will try. If am going to talk marriage, is it self-contradictory. Not at all anxious during these months. Moreover, her gentle also considered, which neither fell before her words. After the test results came out and so will, if able, and that your joy. If not, and that is lighted. You can dilute the heart of what the Church is still lost.

gentle renowned Madame Chiang said a few months to talk about the marriage. They do agree. General people to seek good luck after all, will try to talk about marriage will be placed in.

gentle yet make a good preparation for the exam hall, if this test can be comprehensive examinations, that time may double honor it. Shang Tang nodded solemnly, and more hard work.

gentle suddenly remembered that he is a champion teacher can. Although cheap Diddy also champion, but gentle intuition is the day with the two of them to champion the difference. So, the teacher requested help. Song Luoyang heard this and other little things, is to be a natural.

did not take long to spread the examiners are Bachelor sea. Gentle feel, this is not a coincidence, is not meant, yet still have a chance in the Church. Do not let the church is still busy behind closed doors, a lot of exchanges with the two of them students. University who has been admitted to the sea Rites to go,michael kors outlet, in order to avoid arousing suspicion, to take out until finished.

be on his style, and everyone is quite aware of. Gentility these things aside, the idea is do not care. School every day, and thought fist; learn wine, look books, channeling channeling Siemens, life is leisurely. Since coming into this world is gentle, life is the most peaceful time.

two master annoying does not come cheap to run home dad is not motionless harassment himself. Other shrimp soldiers teenager on how she is afraid of.

gentle positive surprise that two classic man of God, how would this so honest. The original patriarch knew him sell his daughter, went to a scene where gentle, then again around his daughter’s maid gave a strong closing. Cheng called to the flat to scold them. He said if not control, the tube on to the clan. Going to put him in prison in the hall. He’d wanted to Cheng Ping locked hall, but not any way to know if the old mother Jean Ping 2 off shrine, estimates there’s trouble. Do anything, do not send the people who watched day and night eastward flat out, arrested him in their bedroom and told him to go out.

a blink of an eye, they had a month to go. This will already be a day in September. In September, when it is taken lotus. Last gentle promised they could go pick lotus’s. Reluctant to call several times, people are prepared to go gentle long commanded. Several Flirt, if go out, naturally is to ensure hundred percent safe. That day, they finally agreed to be gentle Three days later, if there is no rain, you can go to pick lotus.

“Haha, I wistfully, finally looking forward to it. God, be sure to give face ah Do not rain ah, be careful not rain ah. At that time, we can enjoy playing the ah” Yiyi against old day, hands clasped together, do a few bows and bow action. Also took a few people do together to show their pious heart.

gentle pushed aside, just do not want to follow her trouble. If several people are also side feather on one side, a lot of laughing with.

Fortunately, after God to face, three days later, weather, overcast, the best weather.

arrived, though they are eating breakfast. But the lake is full of lotus leaves, spread on the water, still holding above the translucent crystal drops of water on the blade to roll.

that piece of lotus leaf, like a picture of distraction green umbrella, some frivolous in the lake, and some booths set up on top of the blue, like the layers of green waves, such as patches of jade.
Last time
of view, the leaves are all above the lotus. This lotus lake, most have faded, basically sculpture into one solid lotus. A root charge stems barbed tip is a real huge lotus Bon appetit, to see that big harvest, looking particularly gratifying. The edge of the lake, has been parked four boats. Eight people ride a boat every two.

a few gentle strokes, summer shadow smiled and said, “Miss Watson, my princess said, let you sit with her a boat.”

Meier did not think, should the nod. As autumn birds with a net; Yiyi with Yutong; Barbara with jade show, divided into four groups. Each on the boat, is a woman on each boat, is seeking to deliberately gentle, are thirty years old, proficient waterborne. Placed on each boat two baskets, one a bucketful.

“sail, sail.” Yiyi standing on the boat, dancing. Rickety boat, almost swung her into the water. Scared she quickly moved down, grasp the edge of the boat.

“Miss, this small boat, you can not move too much, or make a boat out of balance, and even dangerous capsize. well, will you stay when picking lotus of either side, so afraid of capsize.” ship Mother says deputy fisheries.

Yiyi do not know, pick a lotus there is so much knowledge. But still very honest afraid to mess around shaking. Mild head down straight smile, which she previously with four fishing Niang accountable, afraid they play crazy, not a sense of proportion, really fall into the river. Accident no, one can not escape the cold basically. By the time she was complaining of being their aging mother.

“how also continue ah, really hard to get.” breaking a long time before breaking one, put down the lotus snapping directly ripped a lotus, from the inside to take the two lotus peel and put their mouths to eat.

ate exclaimed, “Well, really delicious, Yutong, you can try one. eat, delicious, really delicious. eat, Yutong, eat and then adopt.” one will be the effort, you eat a.

together with gentle Meier, could not help but poetic Daihatsu:
May not
Spring Shu, emerald fine red armbands central water, lotus blue lotus incense miscellaneous clothing. Cloud windy students return long. Return long, then all back to the ship for a long time, two waving.

“ma’am, give me syrup, shake me what I have to try.” Yuxiu heard the word, but also actively than willows. Mother looked at fishing not far from gentle, gentle smiled and nodded. Mother gave only then paste fishing Yuxiu.

Yiyi also follow suit, the two boats in the lake than the sun. Click on over Yuxiu “Ha ha, I quickly than you. Glad you do than I first chase, come after me ah.”

gentility is the paradox lay in the boat, feel a little muffled, a few strokes. Meier surprised when he said, “You let me play the piano, piano it? Have Cou Cou Xing piano playing is good.”

That was your mother grew up fishing cabin, holding a handful of piano in front of her, but also took a low table with a small stool. Meier saw a gentle, So this girl is well prepared to do to keep yourself a boat. Actually, I’m what have said that in such circumstances, to talk about playing Cou Cou Xing also taste.

Meier sounded a piano, four fisheries Mother sang a cheerful song together, is a mining lotus, expressing feelings Viiv harvest songs. Although the tone they did not understand, but good to hear. Hear people feel more comfortable, open cheerful.

and other songs off the songs are finished. Such as feathers, and several other people do not think time “again, really nice. Gentle, let them do it again.”

gentle asked Meier, this piano was her, like it or not naturally look to her. Meier nodded. From the music, singing along with.

gentle sat up, breaking off from the side of a lotus, lotus clawed from the inside took a green lotus seeds, peel gently on the mouth. Refreshing fragrance, really good ah

four boats as four dragonfly general in charge shuttle lake. Between being playful, sunny day. Refraction of the sun, the shadows are a few little girl reflection in the water. Yiyi suddenly mischief together. Recent Yuxiu against water splashed from the.

“Hey, will be cold. be kidding ah ……” Yuxiu cried loudly. Yiyi not listen, continued to splash it. One was splashed, two were splashed, who do not give up. Everyone playing altogether splashing program came.

“ah, my clothes are all wet ah Do not be poured, and really the whole wet.” We do not care, continue to suffer splash.

“Ha ha, ha ha, a drowned rat, a drowned rat. became the group drowned rat.” laughter, came the very far away. As usual dignified and elegant feather is moist one.

one hundred thirty-five: thunderbolt

enjoy themselves, eat it fun, making for quite a while, ready to go to bed. Yutong loudly shouted, “You pick the number, ah, we do a laundry list.”

four boats have been less far away, after which cried, gradually close. Mined the most, such as plume is here, in addition to a basket full, the boat also put several. At least that’s gentle side. Meier Luokuang Li’d put five or six. Meier said in the piano, can be forgiven. Most can not forgive, is gentle. Luokuang Li gentle, even nothing, only a Heibuliuqiu do not know anything.

“gentle, you lazy. actually did not pick one. noon from time to eat, to eat also, first called out to listen to my sister.” Yiyi hum.

gentle laughs from Luokuang Li took the black stuff that does not slip toward scratched beside lotus, a lotus fell Luokuang Li. Not two minutes, small baskets on full.

“ah, ah you cheaters there another way so good, why do not you tell us ah, my hand hurts, acid death of me.” Yutong reluctant to follow the two in Wawataijiao.

Meier cut with a sickle and so gentle a basket, took a cut would have a laundry list. This group of people on the shore. Their maidservants, gave Miss own home to change clothes again. Today, this program will have the expected wet clothes, so are prepared with a change of clothes. Tidy, then they loaded up all those fruits of their labor, will stay are going to take home.

cheerful day, always memorable. Many years later, we still remember the days together without worries. But, no longer can not be won.

that night, on the table a few, are all doing lotus dish. Several lady looked at his daughter like that excitement, but also very cheerful. Only net autumn, some widowed Huan. She always felt that if she concealed the gentle taste a little rusty.

did not take long to spread Meier in meeting pro. Meier am 13 years old, it is normal, but the meeting of the pro. We also occasionally tease the middle of sentences. Meier after touching so many times, too little fairy Chu Chen flavor, more earthly incense gas.

happy Institute

Meier did not come that day, gentle sent to ask. Know Mrs. Hua sick.

this day, watching the gentle plum covered in frost, looking very bad, regarded inside and outside three people froze to death. And they were all strangely asked, how it was.

“that are harmful eldest, was originally proposed to the two lady pro, but now that his family said, to replace Missy.” flowers are very sadly said.

“with your parents is not recommended, the third son of the house and Industry assistant minister do? how good, replaced by what Guosetianxiang that your house is it?” Yuxiu strangely asked. Aromatic Peony is Yutong give that nickname, has a super sense of sarcasm.

“is met by chance in the garden of the eldest, the three met with the eldest son would later change his mind, clamoring clamor to marry the eldest Originally lady also proposed to Missy kissed, but also legitimate son, but that the house The first is not significant, and now it is only the identity of the son of a scholar, the father, he is six products from the Imperial Academy officials, fine family was poor. Missy do not agree with this marriage, and stir trouble a few times with the aunt did not expect now even the use of this tool. that Wang Jiagong son is also a cough, even if it does not say Missy clamor say, he did not marry for life. there who will promise down. an old lady who seems to change his mind , not through the words of his wife, he promised down. Mrs. gave air sick these days Miss has been going to treat him for the medical bed, filial heart. “Flowers said with tears again and again. She really is Miss own grievances.

“to say something, but also to die Mingchih sister does not say marry To twist the hair out when Guzi go Where you intentionally became of it.” Meier said of a cold irony.

can hear it from the sentence, her sister really is a master. Both got benefits, want to restore the reputation. Unfortunately, the fish and can not have both.

“Do not be angry, it’s not your fault.” Some girls are comforting.

gentle strokes listened to a few laughs: “Princess said, that person must be met your sister, made a sick animal in nature, nothing to be sad.”

“gentle, comforting you this is it, it still arouses sad.” Barbara depressed. Several other people are depressed. Not to be so comforting.

gentle still smiling: “Princess said that this disease will often make anthomaniac this fancy your sister, who knows the next time he saw who this person is your lucky discarded. . well that family, so no moment did not gauge what his son to promise anything, nor have seen people rule. did not rule the people, not matter whether you marry in the past

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Exuberant always a bit awkward sitting there, she always felt eyes watching myself, but when she went to look for wanton, they found nothing.
king heard only clear cold voice sounded, “last night, things appear Assassin’s palace, so you frightened, especially Princess.” Then his eyes swept Murong youleng exuberant.
an exuberant words, the body could not help trembling a bit.
embarrass her smile is not, say no.
“So, today, specially invited the princess to see the show, to the Princess Yajing.” the voice continued talking Senleng.
Murong exuberant hand unconsciously caught the skirt long-law, gradually lose fingers, perspiration oozing slightest.

king temptations

Murong exuberant always afraid to look up, and she was afraid he would be disturbed by other people’s eyes and saw.
saw, Liu Qing Wang directed rose slightly nodded his head, Liu immediately rose and clapped her hands to play gooseberry. On
hall silence, all the people are afraid of even the atmosphere, do not know what is going to come perform.
Murong flourishing is on pins and needles, she always felt that things are going to appear, it seems that with their relevant because she always felt that there is a touch of intriguing behind the eyes staring at himself.
only to hear a lot of people out there in the hall walked forward, randy ro randy ro voice, it seems difficult to travel, hall way forward.
Liu Gong Yan had already himself, looked up and head up and looked outside.
Then, came a roar of anger animal, that sounds terrible vicious, like a general in the air screaming.
“ah ……” front hall of the women who have Huarong pale, Liu Gong Yan is screamed.
Murong exuberant face also with a trace of panic, she did not know why there is fierce animal sounds, and it seems very close very close to here.
but I saw Qing Wang muddy feel like he easily carved lion carved ornamentation tea cup side up, gently book one. Down tea cup,Cheap michael kors, even a touch of his lips tempted smile.
soon, I saw twenty bit big guy carrying a huge cages into the lobby. Caged beast Rattus even sat a lion, the lion looks extremely powerful, long mane Liangliang, “wailing” sound, which Zhang big mouth, emit deafening howl.
Despite being caged lion, also makes people feel terrible.
Liu Yan Gong is scared hiding behind the bench, his hands firmly grasp the back, bowed his head, shivering.
Murong exuberant Huangran king looked toward clear, just in front of his own eyes, lips glow hint of evil sneer, that smile like an coldness Zhaxian dagger, stabbed Murong exuberant heart a cold.
“Princess, you may like the king only pet animal?” Qing Wang Murong exuberant looked coldly spit out the words from his mouth.
“I ……” exuberant speechless, even though she had accompanied the mountains hunting Murong policy, but only in front of the monster, but it is rare, let alone clear the king’s body exudes the atmosphere of danger, so she can not help but be terrified.

Qing Wang silk slips coldness eyes flashed, “since Princess speechless, then I looked for a moment believe that the show, with the lone king princess will definitely love this beast as fallen in love with.”
followed up his head to Liu, Yang voice up, “not the Master?”
Murong exuberant two tightly eye on the hall door, I saw two guards tucked a tall man walking towards us.
masked man who is wearing clothes, his face is a mask with the totem.
Murong exuberant heartbeat ground so fast, even with the temple also chug beating.
he really is him!
that clothes, like most of that stature is really just a mask men seem at this time that torture had been tortured to extract confessions, hands and feet without effort, completely drooping forward,michael kors, thanks to the power of the people all of the overhead so the two guards.
“Princess, do you know this person?” Qing Wang’s eyes will be looking at Murong exuberant, as if reading her face, eyes, and even the idea of ​​the heart.
Murong thinking less exuberant entirely on a signle shook his head, the whole heart seems to have been put up.

without goodbye 2130EB64

Murong thinking less exuberant entirely on a signle shook his head, the whole heart seems to have been put up.
saw Qing Qing 王夏奕 Jolly’s face rare that smile, that smile is more brilliant than the sun in March, “too, so black that night, how the princess could see it clearly?”
finished, his arm toss sleeves seem huge eagle wings flying, snapped:. “Pull over, I love what it’s like to taste the beast”
“ah ah ah ah”, Liu Yan and Hou Xue Gong Fu think is going to come bloody, scared screaming.
Murong exuberant legs also lose control rustled trembling, she subconsciously looked to the other side, only to see that the man had been strapped to mask thrown into the cages.
promise is to smell the scent of prey, bloodthirsty lion howling, wailing excitedly repeatedly called a few times.
its thick forefoot indiscriminately run over mask the human body, forced to the wrong Sophie, suddenly, it laid the head, a bite to mask men who go.
on only one, and that the mask has been biting the man’s arm down, bloody scenes shocked four, that lion, and buried head, gently biting, body mask that piece pale blue men’s clothes, slips out of the body .
he has been clear that the lion biting bare limbs. exposed, no,michael kors outlet, there is that terrible wolf pattern. That wolf was decorated with bright red blood infiltration tongue this time, becoming more colorful.
Murong flourishing with open face watch that man wolf pattern, my mind is a mess, suddenly look, you do not know anything.
until she woke up, she found herself lying on the piece of peony bed, the first thing that catches the eye is that Weicu brow Willow’s face.
“Princess, you awake?” Willow gently with a handkerchief to wipe the sweat from his forehead exuberant.
Murong exuberant people did not think the whole dynamic, and she was forced to hold up the body, sat up, “I …… I was not passed out?”
“yes, Princess fainted you have a half-day work.”
“Oh,” Murong exuberant brain suddenly remembered that appear hall just terrible scene in front, as if caught in a complex whole person in indescribable pain.

she buried head, looked at his hand in a pair of pale, she knew when her hands covered with blood, but the blood that most people do not see, she remembered the eyes when it departed, suddenly, She does not hate, she also hate up.
if he ever took her innocence, he is now paying the price of life. But he does, still linger here. Murong between
brain exuberant moment, tumbling too much thought.
She stared go out of bed, dressing table sat the house, watching the bronze mirror in his face, inadvertently, his eyes already is a mist.
she finally not seeing that mask man, and now, finally ended, however, end in this way, she’s really not happy.
so she just sat there quietly, staring uphold.
“Willow sister, Ms. Hou princess sent me to send some snacks and fruit come.” a servant girl holding food containers slowly come into the house.
“Oh, put it, but what wedding?” Willow looked at the food containers wrapped with a red ribbon, asked, puzzled.

conceal heartache

“is indeed a big happy event last night, General Chen caught the assassin active, just princes of the housekeeper’s daughter Hou, Hou wife’s sister Miss Hou Xuerong gave the generals Chen, this is really a big wedding ah, General Chen told the princes are considered under this knot pro. “Naya Huan loose tongue spoke, his face Zi with festivity.
Murong exuberant surprised maid looked back at the door, if not believe just listen to the news. What is Chen generals arrested assassin
active? What is called
grant marriage?
Naya Huan and Willow apparently received a shock Murong exuberant vision, and quickly shut his mouth, afraid to say, quietly put in things like food containers, like take out on the table.
“Who are you talking about General Chen is?” Murong exuberant difficult to suppress the news just brought terror, stressing each syllable asked to hold your breath.
“back to the princess, of course, is Chen Chen You one thousand generals.”
Murong exuberant body began to tremble a little bit, she turned around, she was afraid of his own eyes the thin mist will leak out of her feelings at the moment, hazy, she feels a strange way of their expressions.
However, this heartbreaking pain, she really could not help.
she deliberately back to Willow, trying to use a calm tone, said:. “Willow, I would like to break things in there, you are out of it.”
Willow and Naya Huan are obediently out of the door.
Murong flourishing at this time no longer reluctant outsider language, she could not help but sit there and cry.
a bus into a river of tears, quietly flowing, but how can not reduce heart pain.
she did not think that I heard last night, “Help”, bid farewell to the two men, one of their own hate, one is his love.
Today, a lost life, one to the marriage.
God, for they are not really thin.
Chenyou Jun mask man he killed, and the mask M has perfected a marriage.
retribution everywhere in reincarnation.

Murong exuberant hid himself out good Sipa, Sipa layers that originally she thought that as long as the wrap can hide behind his heart, then open again, but the hands kept trembling.
original heart never hiding live, when I think of the pain will be harder and harder.
butterfly hairpin though broken, but still quietly lying Sipa center, now, is really broken, and no longer to recover.
Murong looked exuberant butterfly with broken wings, breathe deeply a few bites, the heart still hurts.
She turns out, there is a person behind their already long been standing there, quietly watching her every move.
Murong exuberant body slightly side, suddenly was behind the shadows to scare her eyes wide open, stood up, trembling, “King …… Royal Highness.”
she immediately alert to the palm of the hand clenched Sipa, who knows that it slipped off the wings of butterflies out, rustled flew to the ground, issued by the crisp sound.
Qing Wang Yipiao eye slightly toward the ground, lips faint smile, “Princess, if the baby might come up to the lone king appreciation appreciation.”
this time between the two of them only a short walking distance, Murong exuberant finally see his face clearly, he really is a man who looks quite handsome, handsome features, deep eyes, but it seems difficult to read too much in the expression on his face, he is like a piece of stone can not leave ripples of Hantan, bottomless.
Murong exuberant rush out a smile, a smile that seemed unnatural because of fright: “princes joking, Chenqie where what baby?”

refused to close 5 \x26amp;% 3 *-FB4E

Qing Wang took a few steps forward, bending the wings off butterflies from the foot of that exuberant Murong picked up, then get up and looked carefully, suddenly, he was fine with that slightly eyes, watching She said: “Can not see the princess quite interested in such a mess.”
“no …… no.” Murong exuberant quickly denied.
perhaps guessed that she would deny that his eyes over the crooked, but twinkling of an eye, it no longer exists.
his eyes had been tightly pegged Murong exuberant eyes, hands did not stop, will grab her hand silk handkerchiefs together in the past, “These things have been damaged, indeed useless, what is left to do. “
he pulled a throw, Sipa butterfly attached to Bob’s debris was thrown out the window.
Murong exuberant lost ground quickly looked out the window, the heart, the pain suddenly snapped, but she can only charge swollen face fat, bitter herbs.
clear she felt the eyes of the king is always watching her every move, every move. When
back, Murong already exuberant face with a faint smile, his mouth was saying insincere words, “Thank you, princes Chenqie help dressing Shihai with this thing in the morning, behold on the bad.”
“Oh,” Qing Wang to make a thoughtful look, but did not draw a word.
Murong exuberant carried away, not daring to look Qing Wang’s eyes, she is afraid to see his own reflection in the ice to deceive the eye of Che.
behold, suddenly, her body had been picked clean tasikmalaya king, went to room couch.
“princes” Murong exuberant king’s move was completely cleared scared panic, his body has a touch of the Dragon Festival incense shares that unique taste mixed with the smell of a man who made her heart as the bunny in general, nowhere escape.
“princes, princes, you quickly put me down.” Murong exuberant hands nervously pulling Qing Wang skirts tightly, his eyes but did not dare look at him.
God knows, since she was so long, the fear is that this scene, and now, suddenly this scene near it.
“how, solitary king does not want to be close to his princess?” Qing Wang’s face clearly revealing a trace of displeasure, he looked at her eyes narrowed slightly, but smell the faint Mei Xiang between her neck items.
“princes, his concubine’s body is not convenient.” exuberant Murong said nervously, his mouth, his face revealing the slightest blush.
“Oh?” Qing Wang should be a cry, but a flash, he’s a big hand has reached into her skirt, and seems to want to find the answer.
“no”, Murong exuberant ****, hands tightly cover immediately clear in the king’s hands, the next action to stop him.
Fortunately, his hand really no longer travel, but about the flourishing Murong grasping it.

his big hand gently stroking her creamy hand, then gently lift to the nose, and slowly suck.
atop his eyes firmly fixed on her eyes, as if to take her life and look into it.
Murong just feel exuberant heart “boom” was jumping a little face suddenly wafting piece Hongxia, “Royal Highness, please Chenqie put down.”
stalemate for a while, clear hint of evil king’s face smile.
“Well, since Princess body inconvenient, it does not matter, solitary king afford to wait, just do not let the lone king princess waited too long ……” He gently stressing each syllable like a hammer pounding in the exuberant Murong heart.
immediately, her body was him firmly on the ground.
“In the evening, the king solitary dinner, remember to dress Princess participate, you’ve got this, do not wear it. if do not know what to pick the right clothes, I’ll pick a good Hou Xue Fu personally sent you.” Then, Qing Wang sleeves toss out the door to go.
leaving only Murong exuberant stood there, heart pounding.

dinner subordinate

again walking in the road leading to the lobby, Murong exuberant heart is and that the same tangle.
Murong exuberant wore a red rose drag Wangxian skirt, dyed with rose petals, brilliant colors, but soft texture, color and flower-like cutesy, exudes a faint roses. Her head is inserted a gilt rose fluorescent hairpin, well, not yet entered the lobby, we saw that was a piece of roses surrounded by glittering green leaves, is quite moving.
This is a too luxurious attire, wearing a complete mirror of time, even exuberant Murong himself shocked at the general government all these years she used to wear elegant clothes, and this one puts her brightly decorated with party thing.
still remember Willow finished after serving Murong exuberant dressing, praise and said:. “This body is indeed like Princess Di fairy.”
and Hou Xue Fu hesitated half a minute, his face is not without envy, said:. “sister really good fortune, princes even my sister what to wear clothes, but her sister managed to pick this really did not bear the princes of kindness . “
into the lobby, I saw a clear king who sat front is tall, he is still wearing a white dress month, but wearing a purple head hairpin crown looks Qing Jun Ya, just sitting height, to the audience high above the crowd a sense of oppression.
Murong exuberant entered the hall, she felt someone’s eyes seem far to the right from her into the hall, just follow her.
Yipiao her peripheral vision, but it is Chenyou Jun, suddenly, my heart could not help a stifled.
this time, Chen Youjun eyes with too many complicated affair, his eyes peering there are many people in total disregard of the classroom, looking at it so exuberant.
slightly exuberant breath, did not seem

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Guided to do things under. How to punish the emperor Zhao, Wen Gonggong do not know. However, this can be a killer for the next child, indeed, over.

gentle seen in front of their own people, ready to pull the wrist hidden weapon. Come renowned for gentle body alert and murderous, busy, said:. “Princess, Royal Highness is coming.”

gentle look at the past, it really renowned Wat came. Mild redness of eyes saw Arun crimson, will certainly see that is not slept in days.

gentle heart had a deep sense of guilt flashed over the past few days, she flies also thrilling it. Even had to worry every minute of his head off. This will see Wat Arun, carrying a heart, she finally really put down.

in relaxed moments, those repressed fear and panic, as well as grievances, what emerged, a renowned Wat, do not brewing, to brush the tears away.

through this gentle cry, let ZhengWang heart guilt and remorse is unsurpassed. Looking angry heart can only suppressed. Just whispered comfort: “Do not cry, first Hui Gong, what grievances in the carriage told uncle.”

gentle as Wat Arun from the corner gate out. Guards, retainers Tim summer long been a constant tune with summer opened. So no one saw the road. Gentility from the back door of the carriage on the Wat Arun.

gentle on the carriage simple account of the past few days with Arun her whereabouts. Nothing but the first hiding, then,Cheap michael kors, installed beggars back to the capital. It spent a few days in a dilapidated temple. No amount of careful explanation did not. Gentle and do not want to say too much detail, the more blurred, the more likely people they want.

gentility has been repeated for Arun says he’s hiding in the bushes fear and panic, as well as hear the assassin collusion barracks soldiers who dare not help, he was very scared. Afraid to be killed at any time. Finally, as a beggar, mixed capital. Said, crying.

Wat Arun has to wipe her tears, wiping been patiently gentle streams are streams that seem how to quit tears. From start to finish, Zheng Wang did not say a word. But looking gloomy, as the lake ice formed twelfth lunar month.

gentle crying tired, no longer crying.

Zhengwang renowned gentle emotions calm down, feeling that a few scarlet wounds: “Who is grasping how the neck would hurt there neck, hands, hands how is it?.?”

gentle heard here, flashed a trance: “Uncle, I killed them, I killed those people on my hands and uncle, I killed two innocent people..”

Zhengwang softly comfort:. “They dare to offend you, damn you do not kill, uncle have destroyed them.”

gentle heard here, finally curbed tears came out: “Uncle, I will not become a killing spree uncle, I was not already turned into a killer.?”

If ever ZhengWang might joke gentle two. But looking at the gentle trance, Zheng Wang’s distressed badly. Seven years ago, gentle and even ants are reluctant trampled to death, said to respect their lives. After seven years, the environment has forced more than once gentle hands to kill. Zheng Wangan stroking said:? “Say people who dare to offend you, you fucking uncle started tainted with the blood of people do not know how much you say you are a killer, killer that his uncle would not be a gentle that you want. .. Remember, people got to, one can not bypass. gentility, the bully your uncle say to all the people to listen, do not know the name but also their portraits painted down (Wat Arun know gentle painting work very powerful) . uncle cut to break them. “

gentle shiver, his uncle that Wal-Mart, she had heard about it. Quickly shook his head.

Zhengwang renowned gentle when it comes to murder, but also the appearance of a pair by a bear, reluctantly said loudly:. “. silly girl, still so good heart good heart does not necessarily have forged good fruit.”

gentle murmured: “I do not want to become a killer.”

Zhengwang the gentle gently in his arms, gentle patting shoulders, like a child cajole coax her afraid. Said a few words, but also no say, but still gently patting low gentle, gentle appease anxious heart.

lying Wanan Jing Wen Zheng Wang’s arms felt extremely peaceful moment. Heart secretly thinking, if uncle sing on a hypnotic song, it would be perfect. Of course, she knew it was impossible. Thought here, suddenly gentle laugh, to possible, estimated that she would suspect Arun uncle possessed by demons.

Zhengwang looked gentle mood suddenly changed for the better, softly asked: “how?”

like mosquitoes gentle voice said: “I think,michael kors outlet, if my uncle give me sing a nice song hypnosis, I will look to fall asleep.”

Zhengwang heard this, mouth twitching and convulsions, angry feelings of guilt about being gentle phrase full of delight, then, to break up completely. Scolded one would have wanted, looked gentle stretch face, had no choice but to sigh loudly.

gentle laugh Mimi looked helpless and full of pet ZhengWang tired look, she felt very happy, and I feel about unfold. Use good, calculating worth mentioning, but after a few years of really pay, gentle uncle believe there are at least two-thirds of her true feelings. She did not ask more, one-third truth is enough. Gentle thinking about their decision, whispered:. “Uncle, I will do the best to future efforts to help you.”

Wat Leng, instead smiles:. “Silly girl, to protect their most important imperial others have been saying do not you worry your mind too, Worries too deep, it will break your blessing (life) after something with the uncle said, you really can not get involved, uncle to help you get things resolved. Do things simmer in silence. tender age eration then redo what. “

gentle warm heart, is not too hot to hug a bit Wat Arun.

Zhengwang looked gentle and in front of him like a baby, do not back his words, but also funny and good gas. Finally, just touched her head. Was thinking come slowly, at least for now, more than three years ago,michael kors, has been much better. Bite to eat fat. Now the good thing to have, but also not easy. Slowly, the mind will always rule over this trouble too heavy.

did not want to, but it is gentle and softly said:? “Uncle, you’ll never hurt you a lifetime gentle as they are now, pain with gentle, spoil gentle, gentle, not tired but will not give up it? “

Zhengwang heard this, chest pain with a twitching. That six years, in the end left chest in the child how much shadow, so do not make her feel at ease. Zheng Wang thought, finally said: “uncle promised in your grandmother’s souls had vowed before this life will no longer be hurt significantly spoil her beat people bully you, but will not let you be a point of grievance. . “

gentle shocked looked up at Wat Arun among pity with patience, but it is certainly a nod toward her. Gentle heart, about being choked. She knew, Zheng Wang and his only appearance similar nature in some aspects, there are six images. When it comes to do so, the two are the same. Not easily promise, but the promise will do, will not destroy promise. Not to mention the promise of his uncle and grandmother are facing such promise, grandmother uncle has multiple hearts, gentle know.

However, gentle cautiously added: “also includes uncle do?”

Zhengwang heart startled, remembering last met in the palace gentle thing. It seems that the last thing it came to a gentle heart heavy shadows:. “.. Well, no one can bully, including his uncle, including Ms, can not let her beat by a point otherwise wronged uncle will certainly not spare.”

gentle believe ZhengWang say is the truth. No matter how the future, but at the moment I believe Zhengwang gentle words, ten very sincerely.

gentle laughed and cried to hug Zhengwang neck, sobbing cry and cry uncle. Enough, there is this sentence is enough. Vain in recent years, devoting all her efforts helped Wat Arun. Pay, there is always rewarding. She wants something, and finally got it. The tears were pouring wet Zhengwang neck.

Zheng Wang did not say anything, just give her wiping her tears. Though gentle and not stop the tears, but laugh very bright.

That smile shake Zhengwang heart is sour powerful.

Volume one hundred eighty-four: Hui Gong

charges chapter (20:00)

one hundred eighty-four: Hui Gong

the emperor over the mouth of the metaphor, gentle spared a lot of defense, Enron back Yongning Palace.

“You have to go.” emperor waved his hand, all of them down. Etc. After all the people down, just ask gentle in the end what happened.

“pirates, assassins, military barracks.” gentle and very calmly said.

“can think of so many can not do anything for you. pirates not rush you to go, they are Ben White World years to go, White World was arrested their leaders, they are for revenge. Yet, White World was shipped well, happened to make you run into, You have been hurt kill those pirates you can be trained up to replace him. should not you, he could not escape death. Well, this guy is a heartless, you are blocking a catastrophe for him, he had the next day free Love concubinage. Glad you’re okay, otherwise, he Zhenyao nice. “emperor has anger in his voice. But for him, as for how gentle jeopardy.

gentle face was not revealed, the fundamental reason in the world is not white, but rather Zhao. However, gentle know this is taboo, can not say much. But my heart is very puzzled. That’s specification, new homes furnished, not marry it? But she was wearing red clothes, while the world was also kept called white wife. How would concubinage it?

gentle emperor see the world in this topic read the dialogue is not cold, gentle now also safely back. No longer continue with this topic.

gentle to see the emperor no longer speak, it said:. “emperor grandfather, when I was hiding in the bushes, said they heard two people behind the assassin, with the barracks in collusion with the person I was originally prepared to help soldiers, But I am afraid that they are looking to die. emperor grandfather, that behind, certainly barracks senior collusion? “

emperor pupil a shrink, leakage naked eyes:. “grandfather would send someone to check the”

gentle nod, did not say anything.

“how you escaped this time, are also considered Yincuoyangcha That wave of assassins to kill you, they have also considered the issue of pirates killer play off. gentle, you have not told the emperor grandfather, how do you escape Their raids. these days, in the end where the possession? “can escape assassins to kill is not surprising, the strange thing is that he found a few days to send the dark guard who did not even find it. Just know that she magically appeared. These days, hiding where.

“After the time out in the mountains with the guards, drill into the mountains. hiding in a cave, and later disguised as a man came into the city to take advantage of the dark, back home.” gentle one says.

“That is how you return to the capital?” Emperor stared at gentility. Gentle written word, the emperor, angry, aside cough.

gentle writing is ‘beggar’, meaning the city when she was a beggar women into men into the capital, Dark Guardian investigation of what did not go to check beggars. Who would not think would actually detract from the noble and gentle as a beggar ah

“Why do not you come back early. still taking advantage of the evening and then toss it back.” emperor angry and angry, there is a difficult language loss.

“died several times, I am not afraid and they want me dead, I let them dead than alive. this thing, I will never let go.” gentle With that, my body is full of belligerence. Both have a tight grip. It can be seen how gentle anger.

this gentle appearance, is the first emperor of the past few years to see. Emperor speechless, felt something pressing on his chest, Mende him speechless.

Wenwan Ping complex the mood, watching the emperor does not look good, very guilty and said, “Emperor grandfather, the past few days, so you worry about it. was gentle filial.”

emperor looked gentle pity, “my grandfather just worried about a few days, but you are to suffer.” emperor of words is very true, although no one worried about poisoning last so gentle torment.

gentle looked down, did not respond to this topic. The past few days, especially in August started two days to two days, she worried about the ever killed. Death killed at any time, the wait for death to come, so she was filled with fear.

Wengong Gong outside, said: “The emperor, King imperial doctor came.”

King imperial doctor put the clock back to a gentle, whispered: “Princess no serious problem as long as a few days rest can heal..”

on hand to re-medicine, bandaged. Neck also painted the drug, also used a white cloth to wrap better. King imperial doctor to make things right after gentle: “The Princess Rest assured, if recuperate a few days, will be good not scars..”

gentle gently smile, has the best imperial, with the top drugs, but also scars, it is really her luck. Also, the imperial doctor also followed unlucky.

Zhao got the message a long time ago, that gentle back inside the palace. Zhao rage. In front of the gentle, he never beat a. This time she was ready with the Tiaohulishan dollars, but did not expect, even with twice.

gentle movement of the hair, even the chief aide to Mr Chong Zhao began to be afraid. Nobody knows how she escaped Zhao layers of cloth mesh. Nobody knows how she is back to Princess House. Such means can not let them be afraid.

Zheng palace, followed by a group of ZhengWang aides, are also discussing this matter.

fact, experienced so many things in the future, simply do not fear them gentle conspiracy framed. Not only do not be afraid, she would also fight back, fight back heavily. Otherwise, I’m sorry she repeatedly distress. And with the emperor said before, that is, she began the first step. The second step, she already had a base.

gentle before going to bed, went to the study, wrote the words. Xia Xia clever to let Yao has not come back. Once this is done, gentle sleep under. She put me to sleep better on a nap. The other, so after she woke up, again.

past few days, every day, sleep hard bed cover is also a straw. Now, finally returned to his bed savory soft, gentle lie down to sleep.

looked eager gentle appearance. Summer has always been well-behaved coincidence, can not help tears. Princess past few days, in the end is how ever way

in Princess palace. Green Luo feeling last night Hengfang Court has transaction. “Miss, I think there Hengfang Court, yesterday night somewhat normal.” Lo Green some concern. Princess side of the property, but does not mention how lucrative it. What people when they were moved to the left, it might be really busy lady would suspect. That lady’s reputation may no more.

here, have to admire the gentle in well-statesman. From the back to the dawn, more than two hour, coupled Champs did not hear even a little wind. How Cishi seal was visible messages. Reflection, Barbara how this backyard housekeeper who do not fly.

“What nonsense, that people are coming out of the palace, and then on the gentle but loyal. could have any transaction.” Barbara angry with. She is now the most to listen to say it’s always said this. Gentility of life and death is still unknown, wanted those.

green Luo said that, no other meaning, she was afraid of this thing implicated Barbara “soul mate, I do not mean I’m just afraid mansion Azeri disarray from the other thoughts. event of Princess Well, then come back to see this way, they will be sad. “not only sad, I am afraid will be more disappointed. Compared sad, disappointed fishes they miss home more dangerous. Once the tube is no longer Miss Princess thing, Miss the days where there is now so beautiful.

Barbara shook his head, “They are all gentle tune out, a few are also headed out from the palace. Even gentle now seriously injured, princes still they dare recklessly. Otherwise, etc.

michael kors purses

, The cost of surgery diagram is not enough, at least not tired t was already tired, and if we can get our hands on the money, grants full tertiary medical expenses, then to full tertiary and diagram are good.
“Andy spirituality more, but added some hope, and sometimes do not understand the big black case, no Andy so good command, you should really interested, such as grandparents sent up, we put Andy belt, see if you can not who can find the money. “Deng Ming He nodded and thought to give it a try.
send grandparents drove up, I jumped into the car a little let Andy, explaining his mouth: “Wait a minute we came back from the ancestral home side when Andy told me some fun.”
grandparents are accustomed to going to bed early, and sending them back to the ancestral home, the small and Deng Ming He immediately leave to go. And so drove away ancestral home, little Deng Ming He asked: “I do not know that Liubing Yu’s wife is gone yet?”
“go, I made a telephone call to the people to their homes, the situation is more serious about his son, so she immediately went to the hospital, she let the faithful t send her out of riding a motorcycle.” Hey Deng Ming He smiled, revealing his own belly black nature.
“Well, I went to the car after speaking with Andy soon.” Little in a good mood on the trunk, after some imparting instruction, Andy yellow body burst into the drizzle in the ponds.
now no water ponds, all pond scum, under the watchful eye of a little nervous, Andy West, East Sniff sniff, not two minutes to get the mud “in the end okay ah? would not go?” a little bit nervous, after all, is the first back to do such a thing, although his heart that hurdle decent, after all, is to find someone surreptitiously dropped the money,michael kors, this little thing has never done, always nervous. ” wait, “Deng Ming He’d not worry, the dark hand holding a small hand in the past, little heart to settle down immediately, two people looking at the direction of ponds, now cold, it has been raining, logically speaking , this time as long as no one was found after this money, even if afterwards they suspected that his own doing, but also not the police, but to know that this money stolen money

243 past

in tiny told, Andy silent, but in the pond mud running back and forth inside the blink of an eye half an hour later,michael kors outlet, a small sixth Deng Ming He asked: “Why do not we go home? Forget not looking? “
“wait another three minutes, okay? wait three minutes we have left.” Deng Ming He also understands a little worried, after all, is not willing to let people see things that did not make any sly little things out of the first round in the dark looking for someone to throw out money, always tense.
“ah.” Little promised, intently watching the direction of the fish ponds, a dark shadow rushed over,Cheap michael kors, is Andy.
a mud Andy mouth spit out a thing, out of the mud in the rain ticking issue spat a sound.
Deng Ming He picked up to watch, said something in a low voice:. “go home”
ecstasy flooded out from little hearts, she lowered his voice and asked: “? found”
“ah.” Deng Ming He did not speak, so Andy jumped into the car shut the door after he drove with two people aboard a small walking home. After
home, small endured great curiosity, patience and the first Ming He Tang Andy put together outside the body with mud to wash clean, and wash their feet in the mud and the mud on the package, Then just follow the holding Andy Tang Ming He went into the fireplace.
late, everyone went to sleep at home, small and Deng Ming Ho nest two people in the fireplace, the Xixisuosuo opened up the package with a plastic bag tied up.
plastic bag inside layer kraft paper, kraft paper is stacked neatly inside the money, the money was well wrapped in plastic bags, which is simply not wet, a little excited counted, there twenty-three thousand two hundred dollars, twice the number after Deng Ming Ho funny watching, finally calmed down a little, watching the hands of a stack of money to start thinking about the next question: “How can we make full t accept the money?”
“You just consider this question?” Deng Ming He mockingly asked one.
little reddening, Ever since Deng Ming Ho at his side after he produced a relatively strong dependency, there is something there to help beside Deng Ming He, his mind seemed to be degraded a lot, a lot of time to think things are not as bases.
rely really not a good habit ah
can rely on someone is really wonderful feeling
Deng Ming He also has been used little dependence, and fame or fortune. Lady blushed and looked at their own future embarrassment, she could not bear to worry about, I myself have first considered good for her:. “Do not worry it wants to make things clear and full-t, I think t would be willing to accept full full t is a stable person, this kind of thing will not speak out. “
“good.” little students with weak answer.
“We now past it.” Deng Ming He pulled up a little, two of them went over the side of the cottage and walked t. Andy wanted to follow up to see their families, so little to crackdown on the fireplace inside: “You are here warming himself, the body of the hair dryer and then go out, or to be cold.”
full t have to sleep with a diagram, Deng Ming He heard the knock on the door, open the door busy.
after Deng Ming He explained the situation a lot of the door, handed over the money, refused to take full t:.? “their money, tainted and can not be case after police came to the door to the police how to do or should be a little better, right? “
“Never mind, things that I do, they are finding out to your head, and they owe diagram of twenty thousand dollars you can not have it on the diagram treatment need money now, this Police also turned over the money to the treasury, as you took Mo deposit up to the time diagram used to treat with. took it. “Deng Ming He faith, by pressing, full t. t is not a hypocritical full
who knows Figure treatment than twenty thousand to solve the problem, Deng Ming He listened, then hesitated and put the money took over his mouth to ensure that said: “This is something I would rot in stomach, do not talk with others, you will do well. “
two people happily back to the house, ready to go upstairs to rest a little, Deng Ming He has a hold of her: “? You do not reward me.” “ah?”
Little did not react, Deng Ming He has already held her in his arms, kissed her lips, this gratefully let go of her: “Tomorrow we go to sleep on departure. I go home to. “
this guy, addictive little Fufei the upstairs to rest.
two people on the train, a little belatedly students to tense up:? “You say you have not been back for so long, we got there, you know your grandparents still do that if we passed how do people not welcome? If people cast us out how to do? “
Deng Ming He looked chatter little girl, with a sigh comfort:. “Do not worry, there is me.”
“Oh.” Little nodded.
“small, I try not to let you in my grandparents there wronged, but if in case you are wronged, then ……” Deng Ming Ho somewhat embarrassed tone up.
“Do not worry, they are your grandparents, even to me by what wronged, I will endure for.” little busy guarantee temper of the elderly is not all good, some bad-tempered old man, Shuaiguo child has hit the bowl.
“No, if you are wronged, you tell me, we turned around and left. they then can not make that cares for the family thing, and now I’m home with my beloved woman, they politely if nothing comes in, If you let you wronged, we immediately left. “Deng Ming He hugged a little bit nervous, his mouth said this, his face darkened it.
“how so young a speech? world is not without parents, and then bluntly that is your grandparents, your parents, but the parents of that, you are filial, I really do not know how to teach your parents are” sitting across five A man listening to teenage Deng Ming He, then, could not help uttering reproach.
Deng Ming He glanced at him, looked at that gray hair and glasses with the bottom of the bottle, is reckoned that some bookish intellectuals, but also do not care about him, lightly: “You’re not me, I do not know life, so please do not chipped my parents is that you can not criticize. “
“Whether you live what kind of life, no matter how bad temper your grandparents, you should obey them, if you are not filial grandparents, and that is your parents’ fault, how I can not speak? ? how can you focus on filial piety do our Chinese nation, “the man righteous rhetoric, for the first time, there is a little anxious to listen to people preach a slap pumping feeling: in the end you know what kind of situation?
“unreasonable” Deng Ming He the man a cross, their true situation Deng Ming He did not want to speak out, after all, people do not have their own sad memories of sun-loving.
“little, we change the seat.” Deng Ming He no longer saw that person, holding a small hand up, one hand pulling luggage, go out into the next car and walked.
“Today’s young people, that are not educated do not know is how the education of his parents’ bottle bottom man immediately occupied the moral high ground, loudly criticizing Road.
pace of progress Deng Ming He paused, a little bit Mangla Deng Ming Ho, indicating he do not care, then joined the two men in the car to go under a length.
train Exalted more, Deng Ming He pulled a small way to the dining car, this find a seat.
“sitting here to give money, or else we should eat a la carte.” an attitude not very good waiter getting in the way, handing me a menu.
“line to give us a bowl of soup, two bottles of water.” Deng Ming He does not argue with her, nodded, and asked for a bowl of soup.
little hand holding the past Deng Ming He hands appease said:. “Do not mind, so the person reading the mind of a bad read, will not be a sober man I understand you just fine.”
“Silly girl, I did not mind, I was worried that you would feel uncomfortable sitting there, so will let you come over here, sit, people like that, if you do not want to engage in debate competition with him, going away from him little else talked about the way he can get off.
little nodding glance: such people, even his own talk on one, he will subconsciously refute ten, the best way really is to stay away from him.
much on when the waiter brought a bowl of soup, seaweed egg soup. For farm soil used to eating little egg, this egg drop soup totally not into her eyes, and after a son tasted the taste of monosodium glutamate found little longer refuse to touch that egg drop soup.
Deng Ming He took out a box from the luggage soaked cucumbers fed to give small snacks, as well as its own species of sunflower seeds harvested frying, fry their own home-grown peanuts, one by one to put in front of a small .
little eating peanut seeds, listening to Deng Ming He has a speaking not a matter of his grandparents.
“My dad’s work needed everywhere, I usually have to follow my parents move around, there rarely grandparents, grandparents are now living with his uncle, but my uncle and my aunt are accustomed to calculating man, my dad had an accident when my mother, my uncle and aunt raised, if they want to keep me, give me the premise that compensation ** mom dad gave them thousands of dollars when I have a teenager , and a few years can make money themselves, which may get them home with thousands of dollars? I do not agree, they refused to take me, even my grandparents have helped my uncle speech. “
Deng Ming He fetched a bowl of soup also tasted do not want to drink, and now he and the little, like, go out, to eat their own home as long as they are not willing to eat out, outside of something really good as at home delicious, especially the food on the train, it is genuinely expensive and unpalatable, everyone recognized the.
“My grandparents spoke only put thousands of dollars to them, they will take care of me, no one wants white possessor of a Yazi.” Deng Ming He sounds somewhat bitter, some pain, many years as long as the trigger touch, are still bleeding.

244 Shangfen

“At that time I did not though an adult, can also wiser, more math is not bad, know that this is my grandparents wanted me to come up with that one hundred thousand fine money to support my aunt and uncle, I was angry, nor willing to accommodate, although not opposed to the mouth, can also not immediately agreed, so I just say parents buried say. available even if they thought I was promised, they can try to save money, funerals do very scratchy,两口 cheapest coffin into the mortuary, placed in the court room on the day of the burial of the old village family are secretly told me: They are too much focus on the money “for many years in the past, Deng Ming Ho’s words still have grievances.
“and other funeral’s over, I took the rest of the money went directly to the school, school to catch up with my uncle and aunt want the money from my hand to come out, I do not give, they went to my dad mom * * units to downtown, leaders want the unit refused to come forward to the leadership of the unit to help them, they released a ruthless words: If you do not give money to them, after that they do not recognize me …… “
“are gone, do not think.” little distressed to hand over some of Deng Ming He grasped the hand, but my mind was somewhat curious, thousands of dollars at that time really is a lot of money, how Deng Ming He hands there is so much money, but also flies so difficult?
“grandparents ran out of ways to force the last half is half coaxing from there took my hand most of the money passbook, immediately put the money to take after my aunt and uncle, they used me The money from the house, but as usual do not recognize me, but all the rest of the relatives of the imbalance, said no took my money, do not have this obligation, I became completely from orphan …… “Deng Ming He said, see Little eyes worried eyes, holding a small hand backhand, again has warm eyes, “Fortunately, I now have you.”
train all the way to shake the afternoon will come to a small station, Deng Ming Ho shoulders carrying luggage, dragging the little hand out of the station, on the one that says “Jiangmen” little Pakistan.
little sharp-eyed to discover: That man turned out to be also a small bottle bottom Shang Hao Pakistan Pakistan in to a small, two little people do not go ignores him, he is not good to continue preaching, not in contact with the two parties, but added also live in peace. After
car station, get off only to find that little follow Jiangmen is a small town, small enough to get off the intersection from any direction to go immediately into the rural five meters.
Deng Ming He shouldered the luggage, took a small hand to a road to go down south, end of the bottle with the two men who actually go in one direction.
which makes some little depressed: with a clear plate with his two people who does not go the same way, not a comforting thing. Estimated that the bottle bottom man think so, look at the two young men from time to time.
this tour out, small and Deng Ming He did not wear very blatantly, are warm and comfortable, but looked very ordinary clothes.
quickly turn on the road, go down the road two miles distance, bottles end men still go the same way, while Deng Ming He said: already going to the destination.
bottle bottom man could not take the initiative to get in a word: “? you come Tang Ka”
“……” Deng Ming He looked a little, did not answer.
“I have not seen how you? come to visit relatives it? Or is home side? Which one of you kids?” bottle bottom like a man with Cha Hukou, crackling asked Chase, ask to see finished Little Deng Ming He did not answer two people, but also somewhat surprised Road, “Listen you talk on the train, came to see grandparents, your grandparents should be our village people, right? village has such people do?

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Aifei that the two maidservants Lee  N What side is how come? That was the king sent around what’s Li  N!

because Lee  N What to teach your manners, then she will certainly be tracked! “

confusion, the wedding night! (26)

forcing the wedding night! (26)

“Because Lee  N what to teach you manners, then she will certainly be tracked! long as every move, the two maid must be reported to the king!
But the day after they
out, they did not come back! You say that the king will not doubt it? “

Palace proud laughed.

He’s one mystery, one planted in the front office thinking small pieces, slowly untied.

“So you start to know that the next person, not really Lee  N What the?!”

thinking small flowers bite, did not expect so early, proud palace discovered the secret.

“Aifei really smart!”

smiled and patted the proud palace thinking small flower head.

thinking small flowers looked disgusted, wanted to escape, but unfortunately, she can think about.

because now she is acupuncture,michael kors outlet, the only dynamic upper and lower body, just mouth it.

Palace proud indeed discovered the outset, but he was appointed by the.

but he also knows that thinking small flowers are turning, then behind her, there must be such a person, will be turning!

because once that he was looking to humiliate thinking small pieces of beggars, roof fall had once been. .

So that moment,michael kors, he knew, the man must be turning into what looks like Lee  N.

“Since you already know, why not catch up on the spot?”

thinking small flowers frown asked.

“Aifei how stupid ah, if it was caught, how this network spread so much?! called, a long line to catch a big fish! you say, what kind of person would save How about you?! “

Palace proud mouth a hook and smiled.

his tone of voice, as if after a leisurely dinner, intimate two people are chatting about who gossip the same.

thinking small pieces of heart is the moment to step up more than a moment of pulling up. .

“I said, and they do not matter! They just help me! I’ve told you the truth, you really want how?!”

thinking small flowers frown palace looked proud, really do not understand, not that he cheated once, he’s the antidote to cheat you? !

it is necessary to do so big? !

confusion, the wedding night! (27)

forcing the wedding night! (27)

it is necessary to do so big? !

“I do not want to lie to you is the antidote to it? But ultimately I did not cheat antidote! also tie you here.

Everything I do, they just listen to me too! You want revenge, you have to torture, I recognize it! But you also really stingy! “

thinking small flowers speechless frown palace looked proud moment concerns the hearts hanging higher than the moment.

proud of this palace, but much higher than her level of the Grievance must be reported.

“Do you really think that’s so?!”

Palace proud one, look like an idiot look like little flowers looked thinking.

“has always been so! you put them, I either at your disposal!” the

to everyone is to give her the antidote to cheat it, is not considered a heinous evil.

But if his hand was caught proud palace, then the end will be quite miserable.

Xingaoqiao palace proud, how could tolerate others to play him.

Furthermore, she is saying either at his disposal, but now the situation can only make him disposed of, can not move, can not medication, can not run, can not escape.

until the moment she was freed, she can always escape!

“You really are very single stupid ah!”

Palace proud one, could not help looking upward, with a laugh.

thinking small pieces while angry, just want to pin down this metamorphosis Royal Highness, let three headed quickly find things wrong, and then goes away.

“Do you think that things are really so simple?! thinking small flower, the king might tell you that the king to this Yizhou city, is to hunt down three years ago from the town of Fuchu National General Su Xi escape former Prince Su Huai! “

Palace thinking small flowers looked proud eyes become deep and explore.

he wondered, thinking small pieces heard at this time, what kind of reaction.

“I know ah! it off me what happened?!”

thinking small flowers deflated deflated lips, small Yizhou City dignified nine princes had become for coming graced.

he caught his rebels, she lied to him the antidote, which is entirely wind cattle and the two incompatible things!

confusion, the wedding night! (28)

forcing the wedding night! (28)

whole person Yizhou city knows that nine princes palace proud to come!

nine princes palace is proud to capture the rebels.

But this has anything to do with her? !

“You catch your rebels, and I Ho Kwan? cherish my life but that is adhering to this principle, so just trying to cheat you cure it!

say, that the former Prince Su Huai is not a man yet? You caught me, and my friends do? ! “

thinking small pieces while silent, not detract from the nine princes also arrested two people just go when the rebels make up now!

“There ah, I do not have that relationship Linghu Hanyu more copper in half, you do not I go to them that a group go, I’m First innocent!”

thinking small pieces complement one another quickly.

proud of a palace, could not resist brow twitch.

First innocent? !

First innocent dare start proud of his palace? !
First organized
innocent people robbed him? !

First innocent who will do is some drugged poison? !

“Well, if the king to tell you,Cheap michael kors, force is drunk, the king used only in one person, you would think, is that right?”

Palace looked proud thinking small flowers, smiles a close, eyes become deep, and watched thinking small flowers with a touch of bloodthirsty light in the eyes flashed.

thinking small pieces surprised, because the palace, then thoroughly proud stunned for a moment.

force is drunk only one person used? !

“Who is that man?!”

thinking small flowers frown asked.

“Three years ago, the former crown prince, Su Huai! Now, you feel your poison, or so simple?!

Do not you think the people around you, or as simple? ! !

Or, you can actually hide something, did not tell the king? Thinking small flowers ah think small flowers in front of the king of gimmicks are useless! “

Palace proud tilt of his chin thinking small flowers, small flowers that looked startled thinking face, when the incredible look, mouth and infected with a hint of a smile.
“just in front of the thousand faces Musical filed Su Huai Wang, is the biggest flaw of the!

if you just plain bandits bully, how will the former Prince Su Huai know something? ! “

confusion, the wedding night! (29)

forcing the wedding night! (29)

“If you’re just an ordinary bandits bully, how will know the former Prince Su Huai thing?!

and your body, and how will this force is drunk poison? ! “

Palace proud evoke the mouth, smile gradually rise.

and thinking small flowers slightly open mouth, face the loss, there are doubts, there is a disbelief. .

thousand faces Musical? !

Who is that? !
And why Palace proud to say, are so consistent with their own situation.

because three years ago, she came across when poisoned!

but the poison is force is drunk!

This is not too surprising a little.
Also, the palace of a thousand faces Musical proud to say they are? !

why she had never heard of this man of a thousand faces Musical? !

“Are you sure you just give Su Huai been to this poison? lower than accidentally wrong? such as accidentally went down to my body up?!”

thinking small flower frowning, puzzled look palace proud.

“If you’re wrong, then the next, then as now to help me put poison solution of it!”

thinking small flowers hold a glimmer of hope is almost impossible for the proud palace said.

“The King of things, never go wrong! but the king wondering why you would in this poison?! in and also three years ago!”

Palace Ao release chin thinking small pieces, and then got up, Lile robes.

“But there is not a matter, as long as the prey caught tonight, the king will know everything!”

He smiled, Yi Liao robes, go out of homes.

“Hey, who is a thousand faces Musical?!”

thinking small flowers look palace proud to go out, can not help a hurry.

dragged it for a long time, he actually still going up.

“small pieces, do you think?! your side who has one thousand faces? your mask, who is given?!”

Palace pride back, facing thinking small flowers Xiemei smile, then turned and strode toward the door.

thinking small pieces surprised, could there ……

could there be three masters? !

because the only man beside her leather mask, made vivid, not the person who found that the three masters.

confusion, the wedding night! (30)

forcing the wedding night! (30)

the only man beside her leather mask, made vivid, not the person who found that the three masters.

three masters look lazy all day, nothing will be the sun, or is the same as the stooge sticking themselves, but also occasionally directed at his baby.

him like this, how it will be a thousand faces Musical? !

But now is not thinking small pieces to consider this issue, regardless of the three masters are not in front of Musical, at least so far, no harmful three headed over himself.

to worry about now, is a three-headed safety.

looked proud to be out of the door of the palace, thinking small pieces anxious, her eyes staring palace proud crooked back, shouted loudly:!! “Hey Hey palace proud, you let me go you this metamorphosis ! Otherwise I would have been shouting! let everyone know that you robbed daughter!

let everyone know, if you ever in a brothel courtesan! Let everyone know you …… “

thinking small pieces, then no screams, suddenly a long mouth, no sound came.

proud because the palace has been turned, walked in front of thinking small pieces, and then two fingers stretched, points on thinking small pieces of Yaxue.

“sweet, and so after the king came back to say!”

When he finished, the palace guards and proud in front of the door of her maid, said: “! optimistic about the princess, if there are any errors, you put his head to see.”


crowd immediately knelt on the ground.

Palace proud strides walked towards the door, leaving a house maid around the front of the couch, and think small pieces 大眼瞪小眼.

———————————– I was the scene dividing line ——— ———————————

other museum buzzing, coming and going, golden wine, red lanterns, ears of string and wind orchestra sound.

and Annex darkness, blue and white maple with purple York Methodist are lurking, waiting for the person at any time may come.

Just then, a white robe with a large group of people, never far from flying over the region.

come precisely from the Linghu Hanyu langya Union to take the lead!

confusion, the wedding night! (31)

forcing the wedding night! (31)

comers, is led by Linghu Hanyu langya League person.

blue maple look, frown, and immediately discovered the man was langya Union.

he waved, suddenly lurking in the shadows of purple guard who poured out, rushed langya League.

a fight, begins.

langya League high status in the political arena, are all recognized door upright, and in langya League, martial arts person, but cite numerous.

and proud purple palace guard, but it is the most imperial army brave and skilled.

sides are strong in the master, suddenly burst of weapons on the street bordering the sound came.

blue maple are also several large master langya Union wrangle together.

York saw white Linghu Hanyu, suddenly a leaping, two-edged sword kindness towards Linghu Hanyu stabbed in the past.

Linghu Hanyu saw the body of a ramp, avoid the white sword York, steadily falling.
He looked white
York, said: “! girl, Linghu Hanyu never hit a woman, would you please get out.”

white string together stops, eyebrows a machine, suddenly filled with anger from the fundus.

This is an insult to her!

Although being a woman, but she is dignified purple guard Umori, princes right hand side.

“look down on me?! you pay the price!”

white string together once again raised a sword, stabbing Linghu Hanyu.

Linghu Hanyu repeated dodge, but the defense, but did not attack.

“You are a woman, a woman priority! I will let you three strategies! If within the three measures, the girl can not win, I would not blame Linghu Hanyu polite!”

Linghu Hanyu sword Dangxia white string together attacks, hand defense.

In this case, it is undoubtedly angered the White York.

against the princes before the command has been so unhappy princes, how could she even princes of this command are able to fulfill.

What’s more, tonight, princes must marry the ugly Renhuan woman, she can not speak language, but the heart is simmering anger and wanted to vent.

langya Union, that is vented object.

York mouths Henli so white, almost equal Linghu Hanyu, mercilessly.

However, after the three measures, not even Linghu Hanyu’s clothes do not come under the cut piece.

confusion, the wedding night! (32)

forcing the wedding night! (32)

However, after the three measures, not even Linghu Hanyu’s clothes do not come under the cut piece.

“girl, three measures passed, Linghu Hanyu will not be lenient!”

Linghu Hanyu Jujian, look to the White York, a Zhang Junyi face, reveals Zhengyilinran.

white string together a rage, his sword up on the attack: “! faction, whoever you mercy.”

Linghu Hanyu sword of a block, then two fingers grip the white string together sword, then a hard, all of a sudden the white string together Zhenfei out.

“White York – can not recklessly!”

blue maple saw, and their own fighting duo aside, we should rushing.

“do not you tube!”

York white brow of a challenge, glare.

Immediately, she a somersault, once again headed toward the Linghu Hanyu.

Linghu Hanyu is a prance, then jumped back, fell firmly behind the white string together, and then beat up white Pixiang York.

less white string together back on defense, is a Zhangpi in a staggering body forward, then a blood from his mouth.

originally Linghu Hanyu comparable powers and proud palace, white string together than his opponent.

York plus white shot himself before his own beat, suffered internal injuries do not heal, so this beat, let her injury plus injury, a blood spray out.

blue maple saw, flying forward, a white Lanzhu York’s waist, and then said: “! you retire to rest.”

“do not you tube! my own thing their own deal! do not think you intercede for me before the princes of the whipping me free I’ll be grateful to you!

to let you stay around princes Vamp invasion, I will not forgive you always are! “

White York said, a blue maple break and then stabbing his sword again Linghu Hanyu.

blue maple frowned and did not say anything, just string together his sword and white together, and headed towards the palace proud.

princes like, fancy things, not once does not grab the side.

and thinking small pieces, no doubt fancy princes who have not yet come to understand just white string together!

Just then, the street suddenly remembered a sensation.

crowd surprised a moment, looked over toward the direction of sensation, but do countless beggars coming toward Annex direction.

confusion, the wedding night! (33)

forcing the wedding night! (33)

crowd surprised a moment, looked over toward the direction of sensation, but do countless beggars coming toward Annex direction.

Yizhou City, a sudden gush how come so many beggars? !

“Well I heard that nine princes married today!”

“er er er, yes ah yes ah, there must be a lot of VIPs!”

“right ah right ah, there will be a lot of leftovers!”

“maybe there will be a reward!”

“Yes ah yes ah ……”

michael kors outlet online

Of UN demands to withdraw was caught cold Father’s arm, icy cold eyes look to the side of the Father, “ten years, but I still found the information had been changed, tell me, what my mom is how a car accident? “

old smile in the face of stiff, cold Father stared to see the UN demands, the moment, like a lot of old, “the Greek girl, we talk into the house.”

he acquiesced! Father looked at that moment changed out cold face, “color”, just to feel bursts of UN demands chill spread up from the soles of the feet, turned everything is a lie, is a hoax!
With the pace of cold
Father, UN demands step by step toward the white “color” of the house, while the other side, a few elderly people are suspect “confusion” watching the woman, a good cold eyes, seems to kill the general .

“Tell me, then you are not bruised my mommy? but in order to evade responsibility, so bribe the police, concealing everything, as stated on the record a hit and run dossier.” slammed shut the door , UN demands gloomy face,michael kors outlet, bitterly cold look to the front of the Father.

“that was home to the reputation of the cold, if such a thing out, your mom’s maiden but the French aristocracy, on the situation of the Group’s reputation has big blow, so I hide under everything, you deal with the bruises Mommy’s car, then off to another vehicle, send your mom to the hospital. “

Father bitter cold opening, fell on the couch, recalling memories of the original, so that he seemed more tired the whole person.

“But because of your delay, my mom miscarried, after the body has not been recovered over until dead!” inexplicable sharp voice up resentment of UN demands to recognize all the cold to see the Father, “how can you and my mom Amy made a friend for so long? obviously you are a murderer! killed my mom, killed her baby belly! “

“Greek girl, I’m sorry!” apologize to the bitter cold Father inability to see the mental breakdown of UN demands, old and cloudy eyes flashed complex, but unfortunately UN demands steeped in pain and betrayal, there is no perceived That complex eyes.

“If it is not that it was a car accident, my mom will not die!” She would not walk into the Four Seasons, everything does not happen, she would be a cheerful innocent little girl, like Mommy, there Chin Yang brother’s affection, but because it’s all in a car accident changed.

inexplicable, dim vision darkened, UN demands sudden wrist movement, has a pistol grip in the palm of my icy cold Father gunpoint on the couch, cold channel: “You killed my mommy ! “

“Greek girl, I’m sorry!” heavy nodded,Cheap michael kors, watching UN demands painful face, cold Father knows this how serious blow to her, but he could not.

bang guns rang up the fire “medicine” smell spread in the living room open, cold UN demands to recover the pistol, “I owe cold Luochen a life, so I let you.”

hate myself Mommy can not revenge, but when raised the pistol that moment, my mind suddenly emerge out of that cold,michael kors, but cold Luochen gentle face, hand flick, the bullet “shot” to the side of the wall.

“But since then, I have no family relationship with you cold.” indifference to leave, then Xi Tula toward the door to go outside, as to when the car in general, on the outskirts of the rapid disappearance of the avenue.

shortly after the car drove away, suddenly faint sound of a gunshot rang a quiet living room, it seems that nothing happened in general.

“too late, the old man how cold does not turn on the lights?” next door neighbor looked at the dark houses, facing the side of his wife and said: “it will not be at home asleep?”

“to see, hear his granddaughter today,” women “to come to Switzerland to see the old man.” walked with two elderly, opened the door, by opening a cold body lying on the wall on the sofa, bright red blood streaming down the cold heart of the Father full of carpet.

phone rang up a sharp, cold Luochen put down the papers took the phone, at the moment, God “color” pale into one, so that the hands of the phone fell down, issued in the early hours of the night hit the loud sound .

“Grandpa!” Meng Hui Guoshen from the bad news in the cold Luochen instant crimson tears in his eyes, tall body kept trembling, but also how irrepressible that burst out from genetically related pain .

“shadow guard immediately deployed a helicopter flying to Switzerland!” under the command bitter cold Luochen tightly closed my eyes, tears of grief can have long flow out from the corner, let’s face showing his repressed painful twisted state.

Five minutes later, a helicopter parked in the situation of the Group’s top floor, while on the plane, Luo Chen clenched cold side armrest, red with rage “open” in the face with intense pain can be perceived.

two hours later, the helicopter stay on the outskirts of the lawn, the cold wind Luo Chen unto familiar with the general run of the villa, which is surrounded by already pulled the guard line.

“Sir, where the murder took place, you can not go!” bolted from looking at the man, the police quickly ran over, hand blocking cold Luochen figure.

“roll!” violent repression not suffering as a drink, a cold front pushes Luochen police, rushed to the house, “Grandpa!”

white cloth covering the corpse was blown open, cold Luochen unique look to the closed eyes of their loved ones, just forbear tears from the eyes once again rushed out, along the icy cheeks a little bit down, until his eyes look unto the chest large blood, sudden, the whole person as hell out of Satan, Senleng and terror.

“My grandfather was one shot!” deep voice gruff opening Luo Chen kneeling on the cold side cold Father, dull eyes look terrible to the side of the police.

“was shot in the middle of heart, and is designed to close the preliminary inference is cold to people familiar with the old man.” is responsible for surveying the scene of the police quick answer, looked sad cold Luo Chen, slowly continued: “Identification of the time of death is thirty-six past four p.m., but this time as long as Ms. Mr. Leng’s wife came off UN demands, there are witnesses saw the scene, though heard the gunshots, but because it is the gun silencers, small sounds surrounding neighbors nor did care about. “

UN demands? The already pale face at the moment because the police and then into shock, followed by a distorted pain and disbelief, feeling cold Luochen only the body of all the forces have been pulled out, numbness of face, looking at the ground sluggish cold body.

not be UN demands to do, she could not shot grandfather, but when the time police immigration UN demands time, when the time was to leave the car when the camera can shoot control, and cold Father died exactly.

three days, as long years in general, deal with cold cold Luochen Father’s funeral, but using the power of darkness to the Swiss organization “government” to put pressure so that they are not allowed to investigate the shootings, just like ordinary case to the pressure down.
Three days after
cold Luochen alone back to the Ya’an City, just over three days, but he was like a different man in general, there were more decadent face deep, dark unseen end, it seems the people are being cold enveloped the general, looking gloomy frightening.

docked to the side of the car slowly, looking cold standing in the courtyard of Los Chen, UN demands Lakaichemen walked past, glanced at his indifference slender figure, “can I do?”

“You went to Switzerland?” still not turned around, staring at the cold cold Luo Chen family’s mansion, since then, he is the only one in this room really people, parents died, the grandfather was gone, he will forever Solitude A person living in this cold house mansion.

“am.” invisible cold Luo Chen’s face, but the UN demands has roughly guessed why he would ask such a case, the night almost understand why his voice sounds kind of cold.

“Your grandfather shoot.” severe eye pain, a cold Luochen slips close your eyes, do not look back, he was afraid he would kill irrepressible love of this woman, how she could be so cruel!

“Yes, I killed for a mum and unborn child murderer, I can not shoot it?” did not notice the cold Luochen discourse cold, UN demands but also in their own suffering in silence, because she and He really never meant.

“UN demands, you go! Do not ever let me see you again!” face severe cramps with cold Luochen do not know how much self-control, in order to suppress the pain of living that Kenshi heart, how she can answer this does not matter, it was his grandfather, does she never worries over his feelings, or her own never had feelings.

120 Chapter lose Favorites

120 Chapter lose Favorites

to this is the feeling? She thought when he saw the synthesized image, he would question her, at least give her a chance to explain, but he sentenced her to death directly.

cold grandfather when she pointed a gun when she thought he could understand her heart pain and hate, ten years, and each time is as long as the thought Mommy died alone in bed, her heart was in pain in suffering , why they hate going to a picnic, why not keep around Mommy.

But after she eventually the bullet “shot” out of the way, but he gave her back is so ruthless, UN demands hand holding the steering wheel slightly shocked, ears and even echoed Chen Luo cold unfeeling roar that .

bolted speeding car on the road, until today, UN demands it suddenly understand why the killer does not love, when she turned into darkness when it is destined, in this life no longer have feelings.

“girl,” when former UN demands fast car parked in the apartment, but it is urgent concerns about the European Juan wind rang up, “Girl, are you okay.”

“the wind, I’m tired.” really tired, tired of the talk about emotional mood, tired of the willing to do a simple killer, even though his hands bloody, but no injuries.

“girl, you regret it? If it is so cold Luochen leave, you will regret it?” God has always been always gentle “color” in the first time with a hint of dark and sophisticated, European Juan wind pulled over UN demands hand, her gaze locked tightly face pale and tired.

“wind, I have been unable to be with you for the last time to do surgery.” Hold back the hand of the European Juan wind, tired face UN demands “color” was gradually replaced by the usual cold, “I have given back to France tickets one hour after take-off. “

girl and cold Luo Chen has never be able to come together, watching the UN demands decisive figure turned toward the apartment, the European Juan wind to mouth and swallow back the words, her already fragile can not afford any injuries, and eventually face “color” to restore calm, seemed to have just come back before the UN demands that he never received any messages.

left the European Juan wind sight, the moment when the apartment door, the inability of UN demands limp on the ground, after all, is to let go, and instantly fall in tears from the eyes under the UN demands quickly stood up, she is a killer, no weakness right.

simply pick up the bow, on the side of the cabinet when the saw the bird leaving a coffee cup, a UN demands severe pain in the eyes, unruly hearted smile when he saw that robbed her coffee cup when.

snapped, crisp sound rang in the trash, gently shut the door on UN demands simple salute resolutely carrying out of the apartment, leaving Ya’an City, will also leave that life and death once and she promised not to abandon men.

airport, coming and going, the UN demands to sit on the corner of the chair, indifferent and cold eyes watching people come and go, seems to be back when the original state at the Four Seasons.

“girl, and twenty minutes, the plane will take off.” door, carrying a hand salute European Juan wind, holding a cell phone in one hand, “do not come to see her one last time it?”

“take good care of UN demands!” do not know how to say this sentence is exported, cold Luochen hung up the phone, his face solemn arrogant conceit no longer have the original, but is unable to suppress the pain, why is she so cruel shot.

Five years ago, he had to give up the girl, five years later, he would not let her leave alone a person, even if her heart is filled with another man!

“girl, a coincidence.” gentle smile contracted handsome face, the wind holds up a European Juan Flights sitting beside UN demands.

“You’re crazy, there are three days after surgery!” sat watching his side took the salute of the European Juan wind, looked over weak UN demands, as well as the last leg of his surgery, you can restore a year After completely restored.

“This time, I will not leave you alive again.” seize the hand of UN demands, the European Juan’s voice actually wind warm water were more firm, “Girl, I regret the years, but this time I no longer let go. “

“wind, I ……”

UN demands just to open his mouth, but he was living in Europe Jun wind stop, holding the hand of a UN demands hard, her cold hands completely wrapped in palm, “girl, this time I will still be waiting for you back, Whether two or ten or twenty years, I will wait until you are willing to accept, until you can put down and feeling cold Luochen between. “

If five years ago, he told himself firmly that they are not separated, but five years later, she was tired, tired to no longer trust anyone, I believe that any one affection.

UN demands silence allow European Wind Jun Jun’s face flashed a pain, but his hands wrapped around her hand but did not release anything, had to give up five years after the cause of separation and estrangement, and now he’s willing to do whatever to save belong to the feelings between them.

“girl, believe me, at least let me stay with you.” gentle soothing voice has the power in the European wind pamper Juan looked in pain in the sinking of the UN demands.

“I do not know what else to believe anything.” faint openings UN demands self-deprecating watching the coming and going, she always thought she would be cold Luochen rely on, he would abandon the commitment letter between them , staying, but only now that there is no pure feelings in this world.

heart has been suffering in torment, but when looking at the empty “swing”, “swinging” apartment, cold Chen Luo do not understand why they would be in Europe after the wind Jun hang up the phone, went to UN demands coaster once lived apartment .

still reluctant, but could not bear the loneliness strong woman, she could not bear the cold under the guise of the soft hearts, even if they know personally kill her grandfather, she still could not bear to leave.

here to see a further night of her figure, and clenched his fists, the deep-seated pain that pressure in the bottom of my heart, and he has given her, so good, so he no turning back, so let her go She has accompanied the European Juan wind, and he will completely belong to the dark organization.

“aircraft bound for Paris, France, is about to take off, please go to the eighth all passengers boarding gate, thank you.”

broadcast stewardess came sweet and crisp voice, UN demands stood up, looked back at the airport outside the eye, and then decided to pick up the bow toward the gate to go to, and immediately behind the European Juan wind.

wicket, watching the front of the crowd moved slowly, clutching tickets UN demands a tight hand, no matter how oppressive, or overflowing sense of sadness in my heart, that she wanted to love a good man, so separated, no longer see his face solemn majesty, he happened to see the “open” a tired, can not see him staring at her soulful black eyes full time.
“off UN demands!” Just about to turn to UN demands wicket, suddenly heard angry shouts rang up ticket in one hand and holding belly, Yao Minyun bolted from anger.

“something?” moment at the opening of the UN demands, snapped a slap crisp sound

Cheap Michael Kors

Great joy, but is weary. These days too much pressure on him, continued to insomnia. Did not sleep last night is night.
TAN Wen-bin walking behind him, too, is fighting several overnight, just in the courts but also to concentrate now yawn again and again, and suddenly remembered what steps to draw a brown paper bag to catch a pat on the back 乔泽宇.
“Do not patronize the sake of friends to relax on vacation – you want something before you worry, I have not seen.” TAN Wen-bin smiled at him twice, his voice somewhat dumb. Then, not far from straight toward the car, he was going back to sleep for two days and two nights.
Qiaoze Yu inexplicably, stood on the steps pause, out of kraft paper bag look.
shine sunlight on the body very warm, very quiet. Court buildings are invariably solemn, gray marble columns standing side by side. Under
sun, Qiaoze Yu slight squint. Some clean white reflective. Time passes slowly.
reading the file, he will such information collated into brown paper bags, and then step by step down the steps.
phone inside suit pocket kept shaking.
Qiaoze Yu took out his cell phone to see subtitles on the screen, and the light laugh.
“Zeyu, oh I came back the day after tomorrow.” there, Ji Wo clear voice heard.
“good.” His deep guttural, there are gentle smile, “I was at home waiting for you.”
“you tired yet? listen to the sound good tired.” She had just arranged to crew quarters, opened the curtains.
“like the rest.” under the sun, Qiaoze Yu still slightly squint, he seemed to see Ji Wo in the spacious living room,michael kors outlet, standing in front of windows, hand draw the curtains, against the light look.
nine at night, Qiaoze Yu standing on the front of the hotel space Vesey, relying on the door, playing just buy cigarettes, think about, but finally thrown in the trash.
Joe Chung Wing C City recently on business, has been living here, and maybe it is not a coincidence,michael kors, and that human stem One auction lawsuit, the privately seems Joe Chung Yong and from many years.
speak of the devil to rotate out of the door of the hotel’s three people, led by Joe Chung Wing, next to that person the court is still just seen, followed behind Liu assistant.
uniformed doorman he tried to send a few people left, Joe Chung Yong saw 乔泽宇 bed side of Dayton look, go ahead and ordered the other two, then walked Qiaoze Yu.
“something?” between Joe Chung Wing still looks smart, fairly politely asked 乔泽宇.
“to send you something – I do not want to save.” 乔泽宇 very polite, and turned the car door, pulled out a brown paper bag from the front passenger, pulled out a zoom into a normal-sized passport. is
photo of a little boy, wearing loose-fitting uniforms, red scarf tied around his neck, sitting on a blue background foreground. Just entered primary school should look like, judging by wearing a red scarf, he at least had nine. He looks a lot skinny than their peers, and very white, is a pathological pale cheeks even be able to see the lines of capillaries. It is lively young, but he seemed lifeless, weak, pale lip, staring at the lens of the eye somewhat dazed.
The most important thing is, he looks like Joe Chung Yong, facial features almost exactly the same features, but overall reveals extremely delicate weak.
Joe Chung Yong looked at some photos of age, a flash of God, suddenly I do not know where he will. Etc. see this photo, as if a lever inside the child, stabbed her heart has long thought to be assimilated unusually hard part. I did not realize that hard shell is just an illusion, there has never been an emotional Shibusawa slowly spread from the gap until her limbs acid is lift it up. Heart position uncomfortable.
“very handsome kid, right?” night, Qiaoze Yu see each other look, just keep talking, with a trace of who can not understand the calm indifferent, quiet complaints about the story, “began to be sent to the orphanage, and after Ho adoption, very smart, young age at the Orsay was flattering, originally prepared jump from fifth grade second grade, may be because the body is too much to give up. character is also gentle, caring for the elderly at home often helped with household chores laundry. teachers and students parents often praise. “
Joe Chung Yong holds the hands of the photographs, staring straight, motionless.
Qiaoze Yu finished saying, and turned around to the other side of the car to leave. This is a photo of the child remaining.
“Where is he now?” Joe Chung Yong-opening, voice trembling.
“Beijing, Wan An Cemetery.” Qiaoze Yu got into the car, wearing a seat belt, started the car and went straight to leave.
Joe Chung Yong hands of photographs, as autumn Grottoes generally shocked slipping.
~ ∞ ~ ∞ ~ ∞ ~ ∞ ~ ∞ ~ ∞ ~ After
Ji Wo scenes fixing, coincided with the crew it was chartered back to C City. So she and those who get back together. Take the highway, six hours’ drive, paused midway in the service station. Before running the country will meet for the film when she was already accustomed to the bus ride. Crew to save money, a short bus journey usually leased back and forth.
everyone down the toilet, and then back to sleep. Ji Wo could not sleep, so after wandering off in the car side.
passing quietly beside the entrance to a commercial vehicle, after the stop, Joe Chung Yong down from the car, looked just like Ji Wo called face to face, shocked.
Ji Wo subconsciously wear masks ready to leave, but the pace paused – is not that Qiaoze Yu’s mother, Jo Chung Wing? She still remembers the man, not to mention the financial channel later still seen on television more than once.
Joe Chung Yong pressure of cross God, and sometimes upset mood, with irrepressible desolate. Momentary carelessness, incidentally hand bag on the back seat of a stack of loose to spread information on the open space outside the car. Liu Assistant
immediately get off on the driver’s seat, bent over to pick up information. Ji Wo have not gone away, and it will return to help pick up the scattered data.
Ji Wo busy watching the way, Joe Chung Yong moment to calm down, but see through everything in a calm filling woes Yu cool.
year, dragged her frail body has not yet produced secretly taken away after his son.
Ji Baohua are shrinking sleeping on a bench on one side of the ward.
Joe Chung Yong know, he has not fallen asleep, he just close their eyes only.
she said was to take away her daughter, son may actually it is taken away, leaving her daughter. He knows all.
her ambitions and aspirations, he also knows all.
he was just silence, like most men, morning to evening, guarding nuclear family. There may be too small, so small that she almost suffocated,Cheap michael kors, so she wants to leave.
Ji Baohua from start to finish, never said a good word, did not say a word no. To outsiders, he is useless, can Jowan know that this man is no regrets for her.
but she was too proud, and haughty silence may never see the man.
But, this is no longer the world’s second silence, she did not pay attention to always set his sights on her man.
successor without children …… 安国成 seemed unintentionally when talking about distant relatives to come to Shanghai to have a child in college, when they saw that the eighteen-year-old boy looks very much alike with 安国成 when joking like to bring in 安国成when it would be better to adopt the child, Joe Chung Yong knew there so if one day she calm as stagnant water.
heart flutter at work for many years, she thought An Guocheng as ever that ordinary, powerless little clerk generally obedient. Yes, obedient. No matter what, right Joe Chung Yong spoke only her, An Guocheng have hands. An Guocheng never right to speak, but he also embrace this fact. Can not wanted ……
Joe Chung Yong just want to laugh. Multi funny, sad and more. Even her own husband’s illegitimate child 18 years of age would not know. This world, in the end no one can have the last laugh.
Ji Wo information will be collated and handed Liu assistant. Liu assistant who helped Joe Chung Yong Ji Wo looking over the information, are now frequently seen on the screen in this delicate and beautiful, quite classical temperament Kunqu born actress, so quite surprised to open his mouth and I want to say something, but suddenly conscious In the next boss, had politely nodded thanks, and then back to the car.
Ji Wo little embarrassed, looking unnaturally written over Joe Chung Yong could not conceal his ear hair, and my heart gush strange feeling.
Joe Chung Yong, her memory does not seem like a lot …… old.
Joe Chung Yong Ji Wo looked noticed the eyes, taut lips. Today Shengfan company 乱成一锅粥, SUN Rui-dimensional do the surgery, but recovered slowly, the old lady is sick. Joe Chung Yong one night a lot of long hair.
Ji Wo Chung Yong nodded towards Joe, and turned to leave.
Joe Chung Yong looked at her back, against the wind suddenly tears.
Perhaps this wind, too ……
~ ∞ ~ ∞ ~ ∞ ~ ∞ ~ ∞ ~ ∞ ~
back C’s home city, Chi Wo was originally very happy, rushing home journey did not let her how tired. Just think of Joe Chung Yong met on the road, I do not know how she was going on some strange emotions too high. The 乔泽宇 most begin to see that she did not stop until she smiled and hugged, then it seems as busy, sitting on the sofa stained brow shallow tired.
“how do you today? tired yet?” Ji Wo some concern, reach out to touch his forehead.
“Nothing, each are so busy for some time.” He took her hand and kissed on the lips. Though tired, he looked at her eyes still full of love.
Ji Wo Wo night on the sofa to watch gadgets 乔泽宇 she gave him, and chatted for a while, went to nine, to sleep after wash.
though has lived in a house for some time before the two men lying in the same bed available, or the second time. Ji Wo inevitably some tension.
Qiaoze Yu sideways holding her, shallow breathing in her ear, motionless. Ji Wo gradually relaxed, slightly sideways, close to his arms.
“Ji Wo, I got the message.”
“What news?”
“…… my family,” he was silent, then sounded muffled voice, “my grandmother died – she had to adopt a child, that child also died a year after she went up and then my parents have been by accident passed away. “early early, they have left him.
So he is the only remaining of this world. There is no kinship care.
Ji Wo feel his sadness, biting his lips to comfort Qiaoze Yu, but I do not know how to begin. “Zeyu ……”
“There now you, nice.” long time, he whispered sigh.
“Ji Wo ……” he softly whisper her name in print next to kiss her forehead, “I love you.”
“I was.” She lifted her head, closed his eyes to bear his kiss.
Qiaoze Yu Yang Qi lips gentle smile, hug her tightly, one hand moved to the side of the trunk, whisk the buttons on her pajamas, a one slowly untied. Hot kiss spread downward.
skin touched some cool air, Ji Wo sudden urge to kind of want to cry, but it is good to meet.
Qiaoze Yu seriously kissed her again and again, long night, Yan Qu a room tenderness.

this work from Jinjiang Literature City Welcome see more good work

Chapter 69 episode
“big brother, big sister, you’re getting married today, oh. later to brushing teeth together, eat meals together. If you encounter difficulties, can not be angry Oh ……”
Ji Wo tuck sitting on the grass, watching not far from the lake, the couple are being held lawn wedding. Wearing a lovely white lace dress, carrying a little girl with angel wings brought to the ring box, and then milk and milk sound of gas into the microphone and said some good blessing ceremonies arranged for her to speak.
Qiaoze Yu go buy a whim last outdoor tent back, then pulled out Ji Wo outing. Select a lot of places, the last election in the park, the tent under a big tree artificial lake. This piece is very broad meadows, visitors are separated out to play quite far away, do not worry about being recognized Chi Wo and disturbed. But did not expect there will be a wedding lawn, then went to a wedding there are many children join in the fun there.
flowers and lace encrusted arches, red carpet, neat rows of white chairs are filled with guests and friends. Master of ceremonies being read aloud the blessings of family and friends, standing next best man bridesmaid dress attire, filled with a happy atmosphere. Then, the bride and groom walked hand in hand in single artificial lake, holding scissors release system a large cluster of colorful balloons on stakes. The ceremony ended in applause and cheers.
Today is a good day, March 28. C Town Spring comes early March sunny, spring grass Fang Fang, cherry blossom.
Ji Wo divert attention, being seen not far from holding the camera in front of a bunch of pink and purple flowers photographed 乔泽宇 unknown. He looked at the extent of the focal length of the professional skilled adjust the aperture, the boys look like next several students also came up with their own SLR, to ask him what.
Today, it is a good weather there …… On
lifetime, Qiaoze Yu Yuan rain today and a single marriage, Song Heng Ji Wo away from today. The crux entangled with each other from such under.
and this world …… Ji Wo touched the ring finger on his own, it is 乔泽宇 personally for her to wear a. Back ten years, she never thought he would and this man together, love, old age together. Then they ……
Ji Wo thought, I do not know what it’s like my heart is, but very reluctantly smiled and shook his head, then it moist eyes.
far end of the wedding, wedding companies who have received a good seat as soon as possible, remove the arches, in batches away. On the green grass, rolling around or leave some wind ribbons, single-plank bridge on the stakes are still tied with white bow, a slight shake in the wind, long ribbons flowing to the surface.
Ji Wo patted his clothes stood up and walked toward the artificial lake. Then, kneeling to the lake.
Bicheng transparent lake, being next to a tall tree shines, and the blue sky, white clouds moving slowly.
noisy crowd dispersed, very quiet surrounding.
“You …… still here, right?” Ji Wo asked softly. Any sign of trouble????’s Voice accompanied by the fragrance of vegetation, light diffusion in between breaths.
“You’ve been here looking at me, right?” is still quiet, no one answered.
“You see, I’m fine.” Ji Wo smile, reach out and touch just cropped head of dandelion, Qiaoze Yu said to come outing, she did not care, you can hear him mention this park, filed March eighteen, all this seems tied to fate.
“Remember when you save the life of the man with what? Perhaps you sent him to me, right?” Ji Wo Dayton moment, looked up at the sky, after all, could not resist, his eyes tear fall “Thank you …… I love him, love love him so ……” She wanted to laugh, but also seriously laugh with tears. “You can be assured that I will be very happy ……”
She closed her eyes, feeling the gentle breeze on the face. Some things, relieved early in the years to come, like stones into the lake, waves from a circle of ripples that will eventually sink into the lake, the water restored to a calm.
“doing here?” There are only a sudden hug over arms, warm male voice in the ears.
“good deep water.” she stagnation, followed by relaxation towards the body, knowing he will automatically come with a chest blocked when the backrest.
“go back to the tent, and I was hungry.” He Ji Wo head resting on his shoulders.
“Who told you to eat breakfast so little.” Ji Wo rebuke, from the ground up, also carrying his passing wipe his eyes, took 乔泽宇 go into the tent.
sitting in a tent before, Ji Wo ripped bag

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I would have become immortal harsh wind, no, maybe I have to Lao up. “
Chensong Zi beat the harsh wind knocked in the head, shouted: “? nonsense, too,michael kors, on the name of the head can also casually posing Hey, you can not say these moves enlightenment, what is enlightenment?”
harsh wind like a long time, suddenly found he did not have a clear idea of ​​what has been called the world to the manager, who knows where he is?
Chensong Zi to shout: “Look, this is the road.” He pointed to a winding foot climb from their past,Cheap michael kors, an inch-long ‘Momotari dragon centipede’.
harsh wind froze,michael kors outlet, suddenly blanket mouth to curse: “Damn, this thing is that I am used to refine ‘sterilized bulk’, do not know how much of it?.”
Chensong Zi did not speak, pointed his finger to his side of a stone, shouted:. “This is the road.”
harsh wind is at a loss, simply blow shattered the stone piece Chixu radius, scolded: “?? This is the road that I not put the road to kill.”
Chensong Zi squat with one hand and a group of black paint from the black mud Ma, it is serious to the clay in front of the harsh wind, and said:. “This is the road.”
harsh wind shook his head, said: “?. Shizu, are you kidding this is a mud road, said it too is worthless.”
Chensong Zi seriously said: “Why do not track mud again rotten soil, can carve out the world’s most beautiful flowers biochemical ebb and flow, where the non-road?.?”
harsh wind bombardment as if by thunder, suddenly dumbfounded, and then also playing around Chensong Zi quickly come around. He seems to think of something, but if separated by a layer of cotton yarn, like, can not see clearly. Know there stuff, but just can not see a real, that is not clear. Chensong Zi smiled, facing blew clay in the hands, whispered gentle said:. “Heavens and the earth, biological growth and decline Chunhuaqiuyue, summer wind winter snows, flowers bloom, moon waxed and waned, the wind windy off, snow melt snow. “
a tiny shoots from clay in his hands grow out between just a few breaths, buds blossoming beautiful red flowers, swaying in the breeze.
harsh wind shoved up shouting: “Yes.”
Chensong Zi immediately asked: “What?”
harsh wind laughed: “understand, but did not pass.”
Chensong Zi nodded, quickly thrown out of the mud pie, shut the dark palms on his robes rub a few times, grabbed a drink and mouth filling wine gourd said: “Yes, yes, already know just fine. Shizu I understand to pass, took almost three hundred years. hey, these small priests, let them go slowly realize it, enlightenment concerned, nobody can help you …… now many monastic world of the people, and pursue a strong real dollars, Yuan Ying saver and turned, but often forget the root cause of most heart road repair, so one by one to the final tragedy comes, do not know how to die miserable, pitiful and Sadly, ah. “
harsh wind dignified nod, a pair Zeiyan Chensong Zi is look to the hands of the hoist. Chensong Zi looked harsh wind, looked to his wine gourd, suddenly laughed:? “Grandchild also like this one a little, feeling terrific …… Shizu penance for so long, and I think a loose loose, Shizu drink to accompany your words, the more Shizu teach you something. hey, for example you want to learn to master Xiaolong Zi, Shizu chose not to teach his ‘broken virtual tactics’, we can teach you, hey, That teacher mad at you. “
harsh wind stunned, asked: “It sounds very powerful tactic to break the virtual ah?.”
Chensong Zi grabbed the harsh wind, the gourd into his hands said:? “Haha, naturally powerful, this wine is Shizu personally brewed ‘flowers dew’, you try this, but how about a million cases in etc. A good wine ah …… that ‘breaking virtual tactics’ What is Shizu per case from a collection of Tianfu Secret Code ‘Purple Heart Sutra pole’ enlightenment inside out, took the good fortune of world power, the power of Tai exquisite, what effect dead, Roubai Gu are small, badly easy, just like an avalanche to breathe in general, gestures, thousands of gods follow, hey, you do not say much worse? “
harsh wind frown: “That’s why you do not teach old master I do not experiment with it??”
Chensong Zi quickly shook his head, a look of sincere said: “You are my little disciple, Shizu how it will harm your master How about you sometimes Pacific plate number, anxious lifetime nest in Qingyun aerodromes do not go out to do? , learn the ‘broken virtual tactics’ are useless. touches your grandchild future to walk the world, flourish me ‘one yuan were’ portals, gathered disciples, this stuff used to defeat the enemy, self-defense, protect the heart, fell monsters are The best spell, naturally give grandchild you use ah. “
harsh wind Atmospheric heart: “You Soke these old feelings started early preparations designed Xiao Ye I say how I would teach my top spell it, but it is the time to do coolie Xiao Ye ah, good. you all are the best security of such a heart, Xiao Ye is not emptied your house foundation, Xiao Ye is your son, “his hand quickly Tanchu Qu, two fingers rubbing a bit:.” ‘purple pole Heart Sutra ‘, hey, Shizu, you better be something that I refer to the disciple strike. “
Chensong Zi readily took out a piece of purple arc Yufu, grinning to the harsh wind: “wonderful, Shizu knew you had so said, so it ‘Purple Heart Sutra poles’ will pay you a temporary custody. Hey, this is the legendary classics heavenly immortals, no word hieroglyphics a must Daoxing to a certain extent to the study and understanding of things to come. Hey, Tusun you receive a good, anyway, we are one yuan were above a prohibition, also not afraid to grab. “
harsh wind froze, feeling himself all actions have long been the old guy to the program live. He that gas ah, look at the hands of Yufu, in addition to the above there are numerous small lines form a complex dragon and flowers, all sorts of monsters pattern, but it really is a word not, except that the palm-sized, one-third the thickness of Yufu looks as if one can see the ocean, as there is a light pattern layers, at first glance do not feel the edge. Harsh wind that was a baby, which tubes have the ability to see whether they have this secret code, directly into his sleeve.
But think of it yourself everything is calculated 陈松子, harsh wind extremely bad mood, filling only a mouthful of bitter wine, stomach curse to:? “the old guy, you said yourself feeling good wine, Xiao Ye I’m six years old when he learned to drink, I do not see you in possession of all the stuff my mom gave drunk …… ah, what the heck? “an acid-sour, bitter is not bitter, very prickly atmosphere liquid poured into the harsh wind nose mouth, harsh wind a cough, mouthful wine all spray out.
Chensong Zi rush to snatch away his gourd, shouting to: “Little Sun Sun, do not drink a little on the small mouth, this is Shizu collect flowers, with great difficulty out of the best wine brewing, ah, you go out of this Koupen , not waste it? “
harsh wind stunned, not as good as the stuff on this Shaoshui, feelings wine? He was a little hesitant to ask: “Shizu, when did you up the mountain?”
陈松子 ask this, then I do not know the intention of the harsh wind, honestly said: “Shizu I was seven years old when you’re too Shizu mountain crossing, six hundred years ago has asked you to do this.? “
harsh wind screamed: “No wonder you are so difficult to drink wine, a son of urine or feeling that this wine recipe Taishi ancestral to you, you take it for granted with flowers brewing wine bar which is also called me bah.?? This is called the wine, then I respect that three of the Dao. “
Chensong Zi shortness of breath, his face suddenly red again:?? “nonsense, this is not what you look under wine Albatron aerodromes, which people do not drink the wine Shizu me this is in that respect Wan Shizu In chilling Yu Dan furnace to create brewing inside out, inside Reiki full, drink, at least your kid blanket you live a hundred years and you say what this wine is? a son of urine?, I Pooh, your kid drink the urine ? hum. “
jumped across the harsh wind, a pair of eyeball staring fiercely Chensong Zi, then shouted:. “Laozi really drink urine, though not willingly you this wine is a son of urine you always guys waiting, I let you know what is the real wine. “This guy suddenly remembered some things before, and my heart could not help but bully gas rushed up against his Shizu is a pass Pharaoh eight old guy’s scolding, then turned toward the ‘poly-element array’ peaks ran all his booty is buried in there.
陈松子 it would not feel the harsh wind of what is called a strange, after all, he’s pretty good accomplishment is that he can not tolerate the harsh wind wine is urinary problem. If the harsh wind say is true, would not own one yuan sects thousand years in this drink urine? This is according to one yuan cases in a certain recipe for brewing lazy drunkard founder of enclosed wine ah, hum, it must be the little guy does not know how to taste. Chensong Zi thought of this, my heart burst suddenly, Yaotouhuangnao, proud lift hoist, carefully drank.
footsteps onwards, harsh wind carrying a jar covered with mud ran over, firmly placed in front of 陈松子 and pulled Chensong Zi just gave him a little feijian, sword slashing the jar the mouth of children, along with Lute together cut open to expose the inside of the roughly one hundred kilos of liquid. Pointing to the harsh wind a little bit yellow liquid shouted: “?. Centuries Fen, how about the old guy, this is what you try to taste”
Chensong Zi shocked, ‘a century fen’ What is this? But one hundred years of heat it, what kind? Own sneaky hidden down a few jars of wine, flowers, at least have the four hundred years of history. However, to see that look of proud of the way the harsh wind, Chensong Zi or younger for the Prevention of Cruelty to give the younger generation a little face psychological, gently Du Qizui Pakistan, facing the jar liquid is gently sucked. A wandering child Jiuquan suddenly bright silver into the sky, into a Chensong Zi mouth.
Chensong Zi mine seems to be hit in general, the body is hard, his eyes straight speechless. The taste of the wine, he did not know how to describe is what lingering aftertaste, rich sauce, etc., these words he knows where the word? He only knows that it is wine, wine supreme indeed the best. Gently swallow, mouthful of wine, then the wine is like that hint of cold snow slipped down the throat of the stomach, followed by a mass of fire is the same feeling, ‘Wow’ is what the red from the stomach up.
Chensong Zi applause Kuanghe: “really is supreme wine.” He put his hand inside the gourd of wine to pour a clean right hand jianjue a lead, a thin wine note ‘were rolling’ of flew into the gourd inside, he laughed: “really is the best, wonderful product, ah, than, Shizu own brewing, it really is the urine general, disciple really is knowledgeable, ha ha ha.”
Chensong Zi here applause laughter, inadvertently transported from one point in the air, the sound of thunder shook the entire general Wun Ping. Now, the sky’s the biggest float at a mountain, Miao Miao real thin probe head out, crying: “Hey, Five, you’re stuffed wine it is good, good, good, I’ll be right down?.”
The Fire Dragon who live, it is already drove a red clouds swoop to, mouth Mamalielie drink: “Five, you do not say that all your wine is drunk, and new wine still in Dan furnace heat inside Less than what? Hmmm, how today there wine? “
here Miao Miao, Fire Dragon in the way of it, there’s Akagi son, ghost heart sons, who are already set up Jianguang rushed over, shouting his mouth yelling: “Shishu, you are good enough, stay a little, Miao Miao uncles (Shishu) is an alcoholic, do not let him to always steal. “
harsh wind looked blankly group of ‘morality’ as if people in the same vicious dog bones grab rushed over, then the sky is the whistling winds. Harsh wind had a chance to react, face an energetically towards me, his head inside the ‘Om’ is heard, he was stunned in the past, and the body Qiba Zhang went flying outside. Only to see around the jar of wine which, Jianguang roar, thunder bursts, the sky, the length of more than a thousand husband mingled with clouds of thunder thunderbolt kaolao size fell down, facing the woods around crazy hack ……
harsh wind awoke, a Shizu, two divisions granduncle, nine Shishu is neat and stood before him, a pair of lobby criminal trial torture looks like.陈松子 first opening, it is serious and asked: “Wind Son, this wine is where you come brewed their own, or is it …… ah, ah that night, Akagi child not see you grab? Two jars back to the mountains it? “
harsh wind a little jolt of pain head, shouted:? “Mom, you have these bumpkin, is not that what a jar of wine worth such a fuss about it who told you refused to walk down this centuries old wine, though a small, but?? countless other wine. said Huashan our neighbors Jianpai it, on the back of the kitchen cellar, at least two hundred altar wine. “
twelve pairs of small light bulb lit up, Miao Miao live carefully use your finger to wipe the mouth a little wine into the mouth, this bowing seem like a big monkey asked: “Teacher grandnephew, hey, that Huashan sword faction that uncles previously seen, the little guy martial opened it? where they actually have wine? Hey, is not it? “
harsh wind stood up, cocky said: “Yes, I did not expect you so I like to drink, I knew I would evacuate their wine cellar Well, who told you refuse it traveled down a lot of what the mountain.? No? “harsh wind but it is not thought that these decent religious person, to the foot of a strict compliance with the precepts one day in all the mountain forest walk, do not even go to the inn stay nor go to a restaurant for dinner, especially one yuan cases of people, some hundreds of years just down the hill once, casually caught the two disciples on the back, where there is too much experience?
the presence of the highest seniority Miao Miao live human interaction palms strike, shouting:. “Well, terrific little guy had created a portal in the Mountain time, I still secretly seasoned saved him once saying, saying how to say? “
harsh wind insidious said:. “drip grace, Yongquan, especially when in this saving grace it, hey …… either division granduncle save those who Patriarch Mountain Pine, Mountain Jianpai they have to have Why? maybe now is the Huashan knife camp, camp ax Mountain, Mountain Gun camp, in short, will not be Jianpai the Mountain. “
Miao Miao real heavy nod:. “is a pole, so like a ghost borders of the bases, Cang prodigal son, the two of you go out tonight, followed by a small Shi Zhi work, ah master Yun Ping in wait for you, do not let Kuaiqukuaihui ……? There are two master Shishu waiting Oh? “Miao Miao is no real explanation for them to go out feeling something done, but Naturally, you think can do?
evening, harsh wind A guilty for the first time with two uncles, prodigal son in the sky by the Cang Mountain Jianpai a boxing stun all the doors were Huashan, the trio broke into the Mountain Pine cellar, ghosts borders of the bases ‘Goki great diversion’ hand out, nearly 300 old wine altar transitory man then suddenly, totally empty, no longer vested in them Huashan sent.
next morning, Mountain Pine was another hurried retreat, facing the empty cellar, numerous experts looking for a long time, did not find those channels thief stole how each of these jars weighing a hundred pounds of wine. Under mind panic, Wei Wei subgroup big head thought Bourne aspects, so a vote immediately Huashan disciples down, caught up with more than 100 Taoist monks, put a big temple land and water, with the ghosts of an exorcism ritual. Forty consecutive days, Mountain Pine crowded.
and Miao Miao, Fire Dragon, Chensong Zi three of them, it is much appreciated for their harsh wind, and decided that in the future Albatron aerodromes, all doors were one dollar wine people need to plan the property of the harsh wind.
within a month, the size of the town near Huashan strange after another, numerous pubs, restaurants, distillery cellar was moved a clean

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Those yard mixed kid, do not refer to implicate He left our family is broken. “
郝连春 is very much aware of what the little girl hidden thoughts, and then went with the butt of her grandson’s third brother, and so distressed when their home, the girl’s brother was on the three bands take the eye, and when she him Remember the three brother and some things too hard. Why do not usually good fun playing with their partners,Cheap michael kors, hey, I could not help a sigh, even a child during a very political contagion.
is Wei Hong He called out left, so what’s to say what she thought, but she saw several people behind some very surprised.
“three children? how come you guys, can I do?” He left behind Wei Hong
know a few people that are basically large courtyard child, a child played with them together, but ever since they went to the Northeast home. No how and from before,michael kors, after he admitted to military schools, we meet is a few pleasantries. Every so many years, they childhood friendship with age and time consuming has a lot of apathy.
three children named Li Tianqiang big left He used to be called a child, so even after we did not how exchange, but still in the habit of calling his nickname.
“Oh Left He, you do not come back to talk about with us, we are not seen for a long time, and today happens to be the birthday of Wei Hong, we just want to ask you out to dinner.” He eyes a left turn
found WEI Hong blankly staring at him. The little girl’s eyes showing emotion left He does not understand, because he is so secretly watching Qianqian.
for three children they invited to celebrate the birthday of Wei Hong, He is really nothing left of interest. So politely refused.
“Ge Jige, home to our guests today, we have not seen for many years, and after this so I have time to get together we at today as a way to continue with.” WEI Hong
But how can so easily make left He left. See him really was not easy, military management is strict. He usually left ye not come back, even if it is not to leave the army is back to the Northeast to see his parents. Today Had three children left He told her to come back, but even the faces are not seen. He left
now longer than a child still handsome, full of boys do not have a large yard on the left He can be compared, although their home brother three long are good, but she just felt that she left He is consistent the eyes of the standard. It does not matter
also promising handsome man, his grandfather also in positions, much worse than her grandfather, so good guys lose points if they do not, can not say which day it ran, and this is her mother said to her .
“left 赫哥, as we went out to sit, it does not take long, I promise to let you come back to accompany guests, today we rarely encounter How about you, do not know when the next meeting yet.”
He left nothing on the WEI Hong feeling, but he did not want to offend these people for no reason, children are big yard, how many have their own energy, these people make good use of it means a good move, but he did not want to mess with Peach debt, his heart and the will to keep a little girl. Although the little girl now or ignorance, but he has the patience to wait.
He left wondering in their hearts a little, took out his wallet from his pocket, pulls out a roll of money from the inside out and handed Wei Hong, “Wei Hong, your birthday today, I have nothing to do to prepare, you are supposed to go to celebrate But at home it is tied up, so I have to ask this meal, I suppose I give you celebrate a birthday, so I was busy working the things at home, you go back to looking good get together, we have so many partners have large yard not many years together. three children, the day you put everybody brought together, we drank good meal. “
three children looked at the living room of the house left filled with people and know He left to say is the truth, it took Wei Hong smiled and said, “OK, ah, brother, this one we will let you Ha, under good times we get together again, Wei Hong Let’s go, left He now is really tied up. “
see Wei Hong’s eyes still glued to the left He’s body, and my heart felt a little uncomfortable, implied the pull Wei Hong, pointing left home in the living room, “You see all the guests inside it, He left today is really inconvenient, we’ll have the opportunity to eat Kazakhstan, today regarded Dayton He invited the left. ” WEI Hong
back again some dismay He looked deep left eye, was taken away three children to.
saw a group of people away in the back, left He was finally relieved, too many years did not intersect with these people, he bottom line for them is not very understanding, so go back and talk with Grandpa good, can only know ourselves Yum thing. “
touch already hold a wallet, some Routeng, that’s pocket money to his brother does, no collar Qianqian buy something good, so was the group of people to plunder away. But this evening to accompany Qianqian, he still felt happy, money out, the future can make it back again, but the opportunity to accompany Qianqian not much. He left to go back when
etc., also Shunkou Wen Zhan Shan left the sentence, “He left you a quick come back ah?” He explained
left fine, clear, “Oh, that is, before the yard I go out to those individuals looking to play, but I refused.”
looked thoughtfully left Zhanshan grandson, did not say anything, but my heart has been given a fixed idea in the evening and the child must be good to talk about the recent general election began, some people have begun to estimate heart There are ideas, some good things are going on that with a grandson.
Chen Wu Changyong Yeliang Father is sent back, Zhang Lan Wu Father also invited them to his house guest, how people say they have stayed in a long time, but also let the family know a kid who know their benefactor home after Is there anything good favor, do a big flush of the Dragon King Temple, own family did not know their own side. They invite
Zhang Lan Wu Father promised, of course, there is a time school girl, this time they also come in advance, was originally intended to come to visit a few, but Cui Zhou Father and Father are not in the home, they re going to have a chance, etc. In the past, after all, with people not familiar with them at home.
night a person who lives with the left, Haolian Chun had long been ready, to give them room arrangements, and Mingyuan He left a room, left   and Ming-together, the sisters in a room, Zhang Lan and Wang river together Fortunately, left home alone in a small two-story Western-style, or so many people really enough to live, Ms Wong is a good intention, if the place is not enough, she is ready to put everybody pulled their big house yard lived.
left Zhanshan summoned the two grandsons of the two brothers began to study daily instruction, the relationship between the various large yard to tell them again, after all, left and left   He has left here for so many years, a lot of personnel Changes brothers are not very understanding, and involve a variety of stakeholders gave a clear account of the two of them.
two brothers after a good early Huangchenggen next order based, must know which curved round after round, good grasp of all kinds of relationships, if put to good use, then it will be a good help, after all, he can not be with them for a lifetime later they still rely on the old left home a few of them do, the eldest son and two sons at the local official, the home of the old three veins may still army alone,michael kors outlet, so he hoped it several grandchildren at home and small son to be able to go farther, higher this station, watching some of the more thorough.
“Grandpa, we know how to do, you may rest assured that we know are a few, do not mess of.”
guarantee so that left two grandchildren Zhanshan feel very satisfied with the two grandsons of his heart is at ease, and if that kid can be left on Yu military, then brother three is a good support, and unfortunately this kid his intention ah, he can not be forced as a grandfather of the child.
“He left, the suit you showed Mingyuan, let him do exercise in the morning along with the guards, this little guy thought he could escape it, to me he can not even think Shoudexia easy, little things that I do not wear uniforms it can stop him. “
left Zhanshan brought back and handed the packet He left his heart to think it over, Mingyuan this child is not qualified to wasted white, or good exercise it, might even come in handy later.
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329. three joint
He left
Lin Zhaobao back of the room, “Hey, this is for you to wear clothes out in the morning, you do not want to escape, and a morning workout to go along with us.”
Mingyuan see the inside of a turn on the burden of uniforms, face some surprises, “Hey, pretty good, except there is no badges, it would be put on my uniform, and not to exercise Well, I was at home when no falling over, man is not afraid of this, hey, but I was a lot better than you, I’m a freelance na. “
Mingyuan most proud of is this, and can wear cool uniforms can live their lives for freedom and independence, he was really satisfied.
Ms Wong took the book in the house constantly write about painting, fortunately 郝连春 also like to draw, paint the house is of course indispensable, so she take advantage of this free time to draw out the camouflage uniforms, just You can solicit your views.
He left without looking to see where Ms Wong fired off letters it, I thought the little girl began to write a diary, but went over to see the original painting stuff.
but he did not bother, just quietly sitting beside Ms Wong carefully looked at, look at the paintings also Man.
Mingyuan happily put on your favorite uniform, a look back left He was quietly sitting beside her sister, a concentrate of painted things, a look of soulful staring, like a painting of a couple of people He does not have the heart to break this silence.
“Sister, you began to draw down from doing, in the end you do it?”
Mingyuan really curious, silent sister picked up the brush began to wipe coating applied, do not know exactly what she painted, intense curiosity, he broke the quiet.
Ms Wong also happens this time in the hands of unfinished things, lay down the pen long breath, “Brother, you come to see that this is not fit to wear the military?”
Mingyuan and left He went over together. Paper outfit, and even grew up in a military compound left He is shocked, not to mention Mingyuan it. He left squinting stare
hand drawing paper, head in the interpretation put on this uniform picture.
Mingyuan looked around. Excited He patted the left shoulder, “Brother, this is a good idea, ah, you see this color with you now wear military green compared and this is more suitable for field operations, you look green now demobilized, If the winter, it is not obvious that the enemy goal. earth million trees have withered, they hide this green is a living target ah, my sister you the way out. brother really admiration cast ah. “
He left a good interpretation in mind all of the screen, with Mingyuan said that all right, the color of the clothes just to make up for the shortcomings of their field operations. He left this time
bang Teng stood up, took the hand of Ms Wong took unquenchable obviously excited, “Qianqian, ye think you are out, too good at this. ye no thought of us This, ah, I have to go to my grandfather talk about. “
left He can not wait to find a left Zhanshan to report to, but he was stopped by Ms Wong to.
reported to the left-grandfather, they also gnaw earn a few, ah, “left 赫哥, you first I had finished, the reason for drawing this thing out, you need to solve the one on the battlefield, and most importantly, that we want to put together a few business, this is what we keep doing business the money troops, you can not forget, we are businessmen, not do not lose money trading, when the evening meal, Wu Lei brother and My dad, then surely you have heard, I think so, Wu grandfather of our family as well as your family to do this we three combined, sold directly to the army, troops have served our field underwriting factory opened, you see how Thus, this is a big cake of it, we can make less money more money, but the number of our troops Jiabu Zhu ah, you think about how much the profits of which? “
Ms Wong himself can not be calculated in the end how much money, but imagine that huge profits, that is not a small number, if it can almost be called a monopoly, she’d dared expect a monopoly for many years, Just let them do a few years, as long as enough capital to make enough, they can do anything else to get it out of business.
left and Mingyuan He was obviously a big cake to draw her shocked, both can not figure out whether this is a big profit.
But when rushing Mingyuan think money should flow to their pockets, and that grin of almost Bulong.
“sister, or your high, I would never have thought that ye do, He left, do you think, this is not a small number of them.” He is also thought to myself
left a bit, playing small he followed several royal siblings picking up waste this money, making money is not that his exclusion, and very like it, who does not like money, ah, money There are many can not achieve the dream realized.
“Wait you guys in the house, I went to two brothers over, we go and talk about.” He did not immediately go to the left
Zhanshan left to go, but to have to report their medals with Zhang Lan Cheng Ming in the room to pull over, the rest of the house lying on the left   is also the younger brother to leave it without any explanation their house.
see so many people are in the house, left   some eludes out what matter.
“hehe, you are doing it, hard day, and you are not tired?”
Ms Wong looked handsome left  , not by a music Hey, “left   brother, we give you money, you have to do, ah, a lot of money it will you marry a wife children enjoy a lifetime money, you say you do it? “
left   had some sleepy, Ms Wong was such a scare, round eyes, see left   like this, Ms Wong very satisfied nod, drawing on the handle and gave it to him.
left   staring eyes quickly swept the hands of the drawings, face and shocked expression let Mingyuan left He looked kind of satisfaction, just more than they do, and this time even his brother have this piece of virtue, so Both laugh.
Ming Cheng thought it was what drew my sister painting, see left   face right, and quickly took a look, and my heart flew to understand, this is a young girl came up with an idea to make money.
Ming Cheng carefully looked shocked and as much heart left  , his family’s little sister is really a treasure, ah, so time will be able to come up with such a big thing out.
Wang Qian see two are seen almost before opening, “Brother, brother left  , how about you guys look at this, we and Wu Lei brother teamed up to make the deal how they like?”
left   looked long with angel face in front of his mouth the words but very sophisticated little girl, hand rubbed her head.
“Qianqian, brother really admire you, you little melon head ye are long, ah, I can not wait to dig into a look, I see you this stuff is very good, but we have to give my grandfather and grandfather Wu say something, we three cooperation can, but it is estimated to have some variables, so that we three are calm, and so my grandfather again after they aggregate so what changes we’ll talk about this thing, and there’s a few I think you profit clearly, I’m afraid we did this first of all to swallow a big appetite, I’ll go to my grandfather talk about, Ming Cheng, He left, and you have told me in the past. “
three soldiers are people, so do not worry about what’s Ms Wong, has his brother in the family, she is not willing to follow things to worry about.
Mingyuan is excited to see some focus

Michael Kors Outlet

Oh, oh, thank you ah warm teacher, your hand is also a coincidence ah. “Dong said the teacher stood up, holding a stack of papers on the two sent out.
warm shallow Sophie chuckled, mixed care, said: “What kind of thing can not cost anything?.”
“Well, well, class, class, everyone quiet now, let’s look at midterm exam results announced first, Li Xun However, math, 100 points of language,michael kors outlet, one hundred points, second place,michael kors, Xu Rao mathematics hundred points, language ninety-nine points, third place, Gao Wei, mathematics ninety-nine points, language ninety-nine points, fourth place, Charlene, of 98 math, language ninety-nine points …… twelfth, Long Xiaosong, nine twelfth mathematics, language eighty-nine points …… “
head down, blushing, tightly biting his lower lip, Long Xiaosong clenched fist silent for a long while, until the students to push him around, just barely stand up, slowly rubs the podium before hand slowly took those two heavy papers children, clutched in his hand and turned silent, as if shouldering the heavy burden like, always have some straight back slightly bent, the absent-minded to go to their seats go ……
papers continue to send children to see Dong teacher could not help but burst funny, gently shook his head, sighed secretly for the poor wanderers, Oh, it really is a child Shoubu blow fiercely attacked the dragon dawn loose, not just those two scores on the test paper, as well, around the students that thin broken pieces of buzz, and …… that looked at him strange looks.
“Oh you look, you see, because I did not test the Dragon Xiaosong so little certainty of children go home they have to cut up my dad.”

Chapter 116 care

“You talk, people do not usually Li Xun then come to class, the first time he saw people on the trip people, what is this thing thing still quarreling really is so much noise to disturb the examination order was wrong, I should not have The questions are …… “
“Yes ah yes ah especially math test when people say Lee Hoon then in the end what ah? came on so loud yell, he did not move, he did not mess with the hum ……”
“right ah right ah I see he is jealous of people cut ……”
Well, after all, that is how long Xiaosong just transferred soon, which newcomers to the examination of the performance is when they are somewhat unexpected, but …… Oh, Ran Li Xun words also played an important role drops ~ ~, which students blame one blame him, his own test Debu good reason to push him, this is the only human thing, but is not nobody helped Long Xiaosong speaking, this is not ……
“Bank of the line Li Xun then that girl is not a good stubble this knowing it? Lee Hoon then I think what is absolutely not nice to say, then she is not that of the original ……”
“cut that you talk about, then in the end Li Xun said anything? do you hear? Dragon Xiaosong not also repeat not come it? Who knew he was not finding fault child? Ran Li Xun will bully her body would have been bad if the knock again broken how to do? aisle child who has always been a good dog does not go out of the way children do what dragon Xiaosong legs in there? do not know they have done wrong to apologize, but also irrational? “
Charlene was very rightly on the side of the students said she was by no means with Li Xun ** then how deep friendships, but that is the nature dictates nothing, again, that Li Xun then pushed down the nullah thing but really gave her a very deep, deep impression. Moreover, Li Xun then this a few times to see her, are very …… very affectionate, most children who are sensitive to really treat yourself, Charlene At this point, of course, helped Li Xun and then speak it well, she really felt Long Xiaosong doing very overdone.
few man of few words, but also said that the round circle of the brain speechless boy with big eyes and grunted, turned to look kept his head down, blushing dragon Xiaosong, could not help but hate iron Not Gang up angrily looked at his papers, wheezes breathing heavily, Kuiranchangtan a cry, lying on the table and began to consider how to explain to the parents of the …… Well …… in fact

to lay the blame Long Xiaosong body ……
is not no thing ……
Hey hey hey ……
“Well, everybody in this hall is quiet language lesson, we’ll talk about on the subject of language papers children ……” Dong allow teachers to discuss these kids for a little while, so that they emit about heart emotion, At the same time enjoy themselves a bit attitudes these kids adorable, cheerful mood,Cheap michael kors, the way to think about how to educate their baby son, then clapped his hands, greeted everyone to class ……
returned home from work at noon, warm shallow soft smiling at hid behind Jianjun Li Xun to go natural, but also to see that along with a hint of apprehension Jianjun, fight back with full smile, coughed, cleared his throat, took out the two very neat stack of papers and handed Li Jianjun, Li Jianjun took the papers, there is no hurry to open busy, but then he turned and looked at Li Xun However, to appease her snoring snore head, this examination paper will slowly opened it ……
“…… ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …… really good guys and our guys and dolls is double hundred ha ha ha ha ha ha ……” Li Jianjun hundred children watched two bright red, could not help but slightly surprised a moment, then broke out while dripping laughter, patting Lee Hoon then back, again and again praised endless.
Ran Li Xun is like instantly come alive, extreme elation, is bright and sunny smiles, waving small tail twisting ah twist of showing off the hook, but also spend a “green snake” which Maggie Niuyaobaitun The classic action, amused Jianjun, warm shallow soft, Ouyang Bin and rushed over to watch the Zhou Lei, MO Tyurin all laughed together.
a time, Lee’s living room an atmosphere of joy ……
But this time, the dragon Xiaosong’s home, but a somewhat gloomy.
while secretly crying, Xiliu the flow down the nose, while wore a thick book, tightly against the wall, dragon Xiaosong tightly clenched fist, not daring to move standing there, did not way, if the book out of his head, which is punished to stand Junzi time, but to double the alas ……
night there’s the wrong question a hundred times, waiting for him to copy it
“Long Yan, this child is still small, you …… you are not a bit too harsh?” Dragon Xiaosong is her son’s mother in the end, may also know her husband’s temper, only secretly with the dragon talk about the situation of inflammation.
Long Yan sighed softly said:?? “This child, ah, is to childhood strict requirements, strict education got nothing else how do you grow up thinking I do not feel bad but this is what distressed children and education are two different things children “
“…… Well well I do not care, I do not educate their children, I only know it was me, I looked at the meat fell off the distressed Come, come, out of sight for the net I went to them to do something Delicious to “Dragon Xiaosong’s mother is somewhat reluctantly shook his head, sighed softly, and turned to the kitchen.
Long Yan see his wife’s back, and go to the place where the dragon Xiaosong Junzi rolled left standing, watching him though swollen red eyes red and swollen, but still behaved station straight, could not help but was secretly ordered nod back to his room, opened a drawer and took out the dragon Xiaosong Flanagan to buy his new pen, and smiled.
Xixisuosuo heard footsteps behind him, and quickly close the drawer, cold face turned to look and saw a very young age dragon Xiaofei, are constantly being looked toward him, saw his father turned quickly whiz look back, and Long Yan could not help laughing in the face of almost boards, coughed, cleared his throat, hands behind out of the room, shut the door ……
the saying goes, the snow is not cold cold snow ……
Well, in short, is so mean it. The next morning the weather, the day before the snow down a little more time, though the road has been diligent soldiers swept clean, but it was thin ice, or from time to time will make people slip , wrestling, however, Long Yan is still a little time punctuality of the Dragon with Dragon Xiaosong and Xiaofei out, but they did not have to run can not be stubborn, but instead of brisk walking, walking as fast as possible.
Lee Hoon Of course, as usual, did not come out running, she is busy at this time in their own yard cinder path and get it empty field “dolls, not sprinkle salt on the snow yet? let you go Uncle Mo buy some coarse salt back, you do not get them up. “Li Jianjun was very helpless from the master bedroom window and shouted, where he was then to shut Li Xun in the master bedroom, all on the road paved yard cinder before is absolutely not allowed out of the house half-step Ran Li Xun Hey smile, it is a clear understanding, said: “Dad ~ ~ ~ just a moment that you do not worry ah salt will not hurt the plants and flowers of saline, saline, not that Because too much salt so it will not grow plants? ash should have been the best, but let’s not ready, so we had to improvise to make do with a small cinder Zhou Shushu Ouyang teacher went to pick up, so he came back, I You will stay with ah “
“…… Ha ha ha …… this doll ah really have to see her in the end what some books ah? slightly weakened, we should also pay attention to what is not it?” Ran Li Xun Li Jianjun was slightly surprised to say, turned to look at it were kept in a room temperature shallow Sophie said.
warm shallow soft half frustration, half funny contingent Liangshouyitan learn Li Xun said: “You say ah dolls are little geniuses like she let her free development got your edict, so even go to the hospital children’s books in museum and library will not allow anyone to follow, there is opened the casual look, and who would not pay attention to what she was looking at the book in the end how to pay attention to ah ah in the end? “
“amount …… Oh Oh …… Well you, you can follow this doll to bad mouth children so much ah now? ……” Li Jianjun was his wife choked a little, ha ha ha smile, embrace the hand of his wife waist, Li Xun Piao Liaopiao window and then being told two dry Qijin Er Mo Tyurin, will conspire ear whisper soft warm light sentence, by the way ……
blushing, staring husband a dirty trick, warm shallow Sophie quickly back a bit, Kaka Lo smiles tenderly escape, and Jianjun Ha ha ha smile, was very proud one, this heart, ah, some itch up ……
but le ~ ~ ~
Li Xun children then this little guy said, after she was to go to the Children’s Day next year, will himself back to his room to sleep drop ~ ~ ~ ~
alas ……
wood help it ……
scratched his head, Li Jianjun face slightly red, just to hear the sound of the front door and rang the bell, this distracted, originally Zhou Lei Ouyang Bin Father has to take over, Zhou Lei, of course, immediately took over the Ran Li Xun work, Ouyang Xiao Hehe Father also went into the master bedroom, while his shoes aside and said: “Oh, Xiaoxun this girl a bit too careful I did not Qilaobashi, where worthwhile to also let Xiao Zhou pick me ah? “
“Ouyang teacher, slippery snow, there are individuals followed in the end better, or else your child that class or stop it, and so open to open in spring children are not on the list? You moved here simply to count with rhubarb , this winter children, and can not say when it snows, you that the house is cold, it did not always comfortable heating inside the compound children, ah, “Li Ouyang Xun Father contingent while helping his shoes, while incumbent children pick up said.

Chapter 117 Guzheng

Ouyang Father is exceptionally pleased smile, but he strongly disagreed, said: “That’s where the line ah say I can not speak does not count, so many years have come from the extravagance and easy, by the extravagance frugal difficult, but I managed to adapt to this kind of life you can not repair my bad ah. “
“Ha ha ha …… also repair it I see you almost deeds of all Ha ha ha ……” Lee Hoon Oh smiled and anger of a contingent, Ouyang Father was once shot in the back, no longer say anything , Father also has its own stubborn side, anyway, she can do, is to try to take care of the Father also wants more than a little, more, it is not good.
Jianjun and warm shallow Sophie looked on smiling as both teacher and student laughter, no one to speak, that can face full of smile, but it really is from the heart of yourself this smart, sensible , know filial feel exceptionally good baby proud.
wait yard field empty road and all covered with a thin layer of cinder, never slipping after, then allowed the Li Xun Li Jianjun, Ouyang Father go soft warm light activities, themselves, also followed in Mo Tyurin playing field to an empty fist, still under the guidance of Li Jianjun, Zhou Lei and Mo with Tyurin rally up.
“Xiaoxun ah, since you learn the violin and flute, and that you are willing to learn Zheng ah?”
That day, Qi Kai smiling down on the study of the violin just Ran Li Xun said, in a word, in the study of the natural Li Xun, Li Jianjun and Ouyang Father all to say a moment, the fun turned to see his face gentle laugh Italy and eager to take full Kai Qi, Qi Kai was slightly this six big eyes looking at a red face, but there is no retreat meaning, it is calm and looking forward to watching Ran Li Xun said.
“Little Qi Shushu, you will play the zither it?” Ran Li Xun big eyes brush look on the bright, bright smile immediately float the whole little face, watching the gentle sense of surprise Kai Qi said, the heart, But delighted children ha this is your own child to send home a good resource it Qikai smiled and nodded his head and said: “These days you hear every day, playing the violin, flute, and leaving me very itchy Oh, I grew up with his grandmother grew up, her favorite is to play the zither, there are a handful of elderly among the zither, it taught me, but I learned she died ten years later, when it goes zither put away , saying it was to accompany her zither goes for decades, it is reluctant, then I will no longer practiced, but did not lay down the way, what’s often empty shells. After
I went to college, and theatrical performances in school team bounced back zither, Oh, but later graduated have gone free Zheng, basically my own money to send home, nor zither cheap, no-buy, where we lived and there is indeed some inconvenience bombs.
I see you these days really are very carefully at school, so, Oh, I also want to put this to teach you, so good? We come back to buy two zither, a teach you to send me as tuition, give yourself another one with, I will be good fun too, rest assured, my grandmother that’s playing along with famous children learn My level is very strong Oh. “
“OK good, I want to learn, I want to learn, but this time it ……” Lee Hoon then suddenly jumped up, very elated that turn, but for the problem of time and headache, and could not help but hesitate together.
Ouyang Father Ha ha ha laugh, fat waved his hand, said: “Oh, I gave way, every morning to give you an hour of time anyway, you learn koto and gouache sketch now also into the door child, and he is hard , it is consciousness, I’ll give you an hour Teng out yourself, but use of other time to practice, but start with the good, and that can not be put down a few gentile Oh, I got a job, but to be arranged “
“Oh Well no problem ~ ~ ~ ~ Dad helped me buy a kite and small Qi Shushu it ~ ~ ~” Now, Li Xun then can be really happy bad, jump around Jianjun, the twisting ah spread from twisting the Johnson come.
Jianjun this typical Filial Piety father, of course, laughed and nodded, said: “wait a while to buy a good buy your mom back, let her take the money to you, Richie, ah, let Mo afternoon while driving, you helped to pick two good back dolls, since like to learn to learn, you know? “
“Do not worry Dad ~ ~ ~ I would surely learn a little Qi Shushu intentions, you have nothing to pressure bottom children’s martial arts, it all out